Chaos Within, Criminal Democrats are Turning on Each Other

Some of the absent criminal Texas Democrats were terrified enough to go back to work. At one point, the House was only 5 seats short of the number needed for quorum. Their more radical colleagues are screaming at the DINOs for daring to obey the law. The rest of the renegades are afraid to return to their homes because Texas House Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Black is knocking on their doors with arrest warrants.

Criminal lawmakers

Legislators swear an oath to uphold the laws they make but Democrats in Texas ignore the laws. Each and every one of the criminal anarchists deserves to be removed from office.

A few of the centrist DINO Democrats did the right thing and returned to work, so the others are ready to rip them limb from limb because of it. “You all threw us under the bus today! Why?” Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos tweeted, tagging fellow Democratic Reps. James Talarico, Mary Gonzalez, and Joe Moody.


Democrat and criminal lawbreaker Gina Hinojosa was sure to doxx the ones who caved in under the guise of transparency. “For transparency purposes it is important to note that the following Democrats are on the Floor now & no longer breaking quorum.”

She added Art Fierro to the list of DINOs who can expect to see their party funding cut. Democrats were relieved that despite the defectors, Quorum is still not met.” Hinojosa remains nervous though. She’s praying “no other Democrats willingly go to Floor.”

Democrats get vicious when they get stabbed in the back. Absent criminal legislator Jasmine Crockett was furious.

“I’ve said this before… it’s a Team Sport… now we see who plays what positions on the Team… The fact that some of us secured a Temporary Restraining Order to protect ALL of us, yet some are trying to please the Governor and His OPPRESSIVE Agenda?! JUST WOW!” Those capital letters are deadly.

Security in elections

More than 50 of the state lawmakers fled Texas to become criminal fugitives, rather than agree to election integrity laws. They didn’t have the votes to stop Republicans from doing the unthinkable, require security in elections. In “protest,” they illegally “fled the state to break the state House’s quorum and prevent the body from passing any legislation.”

They thought it was over when the special session ended. It wasn’t. Governor Greg Abbott called a fresh special session and started tagging the Democrats who had returned home. At least, trying to.

The criminal Democrats got a liberal judge to grant them a restraining order, which was overturned by the State Supreme Court. That’s when House Speaker Dade Phelan issued the arrest warrants. So far, no arrests have actually been made.

The fugitive Democrats have been smart enough not to return home. The speaker may decide to get aggressive enough to track them down like any other fugitive, wherever they hide. Law enforcement has more tricks up their sleeves than they like to talk about these days.

The Democrats can’t be taken to jail because these aren’t criminal warrants, they’re civil ones. Instead they get cuffed and tossed in the back of a squad car for delivery to the floor of the legislative House. Already, the fugitive rats are planning on escaping town.

“There’s been talk of leaving again,” state Rep. Michelle Beckley tells press in D.C., where she remains in hiding. Each one should be stripped of their duties along with their paychecks. They aren’t supposed to be vacationing at taxpayer expense while shirking their jobs but they are. Welcome to the New World Order.

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