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Christian Couples ‘Rules’ for a Healthy Marriage Go Viral, Trolls Attack

Social Media Influencer Bailey McPherson and her husband have founded their platform on the faith they share. Recently the Christian Couples rules for their marriage have made headlines. Bailey posted a TikTok video titled “Rules my husband and I have for our marriage that make people ANGRY.”

She wasn’t kidding either. The video now has more than 2.5 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments. A majority of which are hate-filled attacks on the couple.


Some of the couple’s rules are a strict no porn policy and that she nor her husband are allowed to be alone with a member of the opposite sex.

In a TikTok video or any social media post, it can be very difficult to delve deeper into the whys of such “rules.” And not all “rules” or boundaries are good for every couple but can we get out of having such limitations in our lives?

What We Can Learn from a Christian Couples Healthy Boundaries

Let’s take on the Porn issue first. Yes, society now pushes that porn is okay and even can spice up the bedroom for couples. But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Studies have actually proven that porn can rewire your brain. This causes people to be unable to enjoy healthy and active sex lives in real life. Instead, the brain is now wired to crave the fantasy and most of the time the fantasy has to be pushed to the next level to keep giving the brain the high it craves. This leads to the objectifying of women as well as increased tendencies toward violence to achieve sexual climax.

The Porn Industry is also the leading culprit to human sex trafficking. The simple fact is if you pay for porn you are paying for slavery. Yes, you are the abuser of slaves, a slave trader, and creating the market for the slave trade to prosper.

To learn more about the Porn industry’s support of human trafficking and what Porn can do to your brain I would highly recommend you follow Fight the New Drug, a non-religious organization that is determined to expose the truth of the porn industry.

Second is the rule of not being alone with members of the opposite sex. Many Christians have had this rule in their lives, one made famous by the late Billy Graham. The reasons behind having such a boundary in one’s marriage may vary from couple to couple. For those in public office, or in a position of leadership, this is not a bad rule to have. When alone with a member of the opposite sex a lot can be perceived from those who may witness such a meeting. Or it can safeguard both parties by allowing. for a third party, this way no misconduct can go on without a witness and no lies can be told about a meeting between two people.

In the age of the Me Too Movement, it would be incredibly wise for those with even a little fame to establish such a rule. That way no one can come in claiming affairs, abuse, or misconduct in the hopes of a lucrative payday or just to cause trouble and get their fifteen minutes of fame.

The fact remains the same if rules work for you and your relationship then use them if they don’t then don’t use them. We live in a society that wants to breed chaos in every aspect of our lives, including our relationships. If certain boundaries help keep your marriage healthy but still allow for grace and trust between the two individuals in the relationship then I applaud their efforts.

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