Actor Fired Over Faith Vows to Fight Back

It has to be incredibly tough to work on Broadway as a Christian, but Tony Award-nominated Actor Chad Kimball made it work. That is until recently when he was fired for expressing his views.

Kimball, 45, had been working on the long-running show, “Come From Away,” when he openly criticized Governor Jay Inslee. What had caused the actor to break his silence was the tyrannical actions of the governor of his home state toward the church.


The policy in question prohibited choirs from singing in the limited church services that were still allowed.

Broadway Actor Speaks Up

On his Twitter feed, Kimball blasted Gov. Inslee. Tweeting:

“Respectfully, I will never allow a Governor, or anyone, to stop me from SINGING, let alone sing in worship to my God. Folks, absolute POWER corrupts ABSOLUTELY. This is not about safety. It’s about POWER. I will respectfully disobey these unlawful orders. #inslee #Tyranny #truth.”

Kimball was respectful but made his stance clear. A stance that was not well received. “I was confused as to why people would be so egregiously vitriolic in their responses,” He said in an interview to the New York Post. “Some people told me to take the [first] tweet down or apologize. But I wasn’t going to do that. I did nothing wrong.”

Broadway thought Differently

Earlier this year, when the production of “Come From Away” returned to the stage Kimball was not a part of the cast. In the interview with the Post Kimball alleges he was fired because his tweet outed him as a Christian.

His producer, Susan Frost, told him there were “concerns” that the “events at the Capitol, Josh Hawley, and the Conservative Christian movement were tied together and implied a connection between Mr. Kimball, by virtue of his faith, to the ideas and actions of the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.”

Kimball vows to fight back and has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

“Jesus never commanded us to not defend ourselves,” he told the Post. “As Christians, we are commanded to seek out justice, truth, and restoration. The law gives us opportunities to do all of those things.”

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