White House Does a Really Bizarre Thing

The Biden-Harris regime has completely baffled many in the financial and automotive sectors by calling for an event is to focus on the Democrat-Socialists’ proposed revisions to fuel economy requirements through the 2026 model year… and snubbing the only company that is currently producing electric cars en masse. That’s right! GM, Ford, and Chrysler’s Amsterdam-based parent company Stellantis are all invited… but Tesla is not according to Walter Bloomberg, a prolific business news account. It’s truly bizarre…until you start to think about it.

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According to CleanTechnica, “Last month, President Biden started campaigning for U.S. automakers to commit to selling more EVs — 40% of all sales by 2030, to be exact. Ford has committed to the 40% goal, and spokesperson Melissa Miller told Reuters, “Ford has already said that we are leading the electrification revolution and planning on at least 40% of our global vehicle volume being all-electric by 2030.”


James Stephenson replied to Bloomberg’s tweet with incredulity noting that “Clearly, the White House has chosen to invite only the 3 least profitable “U.S. automakers”. Despite Chrysler NOT being a U.S. automaker and Tesla’s 2nd Quarter Profit per Delivery more than doubling the closest competitor.

Who would know better about how to profit selling Electric vehicles than the most successful manufacturer of them in the world?

Bizarre Government Solutions: Not The Free Market

The one rational reasoning that stands up to this assault on all logic and rationality is that the objective of this meeting isn’t to actually run businesses successfully, but rather to instruct them in how best to navigate the complex and needlessly vague, laborious muddy filthy of government “assistance” and subsidy. In that room, there’s no place for a company run by a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Tesla and Elon Musk not only don’t need such help from the likes of the Biden-Harris regime, but they definitely don’t want it.

This goes directly to the philosophy of the Biden-Harris regime and the Green New Deal which seems bizarre to typical, rational people. Conversion from fossil fuels to electric vehicles, space travel, solving dependency on fossil fuels, all of these things are the exclusive domain of an all-knowing benevolent nanny-state. In that type of world, the entrepreneurial drive that Musk and every company he’s launched brings to the table simply isn’t welcome. They don’t fit in the world that Biden and his ilk wish to build.

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