CNN Dumpster Fire: Producer Gets Arrested for Disgusting Reason

CNN producer John Griffin just learned a tough lesson the hard way. Boasting about working “shoulder to shoulder” with Chris Cuomo isn’t a good idea. Chris was fired in disgrace for helping his brother Andrew Cuomo white-wash his sex crimes, then CNN learned Chris also allegedly covered up some of his own. Soon after everybody in the Cuomo social circles went under the publicity microscope, Griffin was “indicted on three counts of attempting to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity.”

Producer of sex-school perversion

CNN lost another of their team when the FBI dragged producer John Griffin off to jail. The 44-year-old resident of Stamford, Connecticut seems to have a thing for young girls, and their moms, at the same time. He’s been accused of “using messaging apps to befriend and persuade moms of young girls.”

He wasn’t shy about telling them exactly what was on his mind. He’s looking at a mandatory minimum of 10 years in jail on each of the three counts he was charged with.


The CNN producer offered to “train” their daughters in “sexual subservience,” if they would provide their permission slip. The U.S. Attorney of Vermont made it official with an indictment and Griffin was arrested December 10.

Just like Epstein and Maxwell, Chris Cuomo and John Griffin were “two pedophiles in a pod.” That’s probably why they got along so well for five years, working on CNN’s “A New Day.” Chris was “officially fired from CNN for helping his brother, disgraced former New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, respond to sexual assault and harassment allegations.”

While Griffin has kids of his own, there aren’t any incest allegations regarding them, yet. After what he told his intended victims, you can bet police will be doing some checking. He allegedly told one mother “a woman is a woman regardless of her age.”

At least one woman equally as sick as the perverted producer complied. She had two daughters, ages 9 and 13. Griffin convinced her to bring the “13-year-old girl to his Ludlow getaway in June 2020.” The alleged parent agreed it “was her responsibility” to see that her virgin daughter was “trained properly.”

Mother-daughter trip

Leveraging his glitzy occupation as a producer made it that much easier to groom his victims. According to the indictment, he sent the woman “$3,000 for plane tickets from Nevada to Boston’s Logan Airport, where he picked them up in his Tesla for the ride to Ludlow, Vermont for a ‘little mother-daughter trip.'”

Joe Biden will be seizing “the ski house, Tesla, and a Mercedes used in the alleged crimes.” The palace needs every penny they can get their hands on.

While Griffin was also stung by undercover operatives posing as moms with young, tender daughters, the woman and her two daughters who flew to Boston were sucked into the scam. The older daughter was “directed to engage in, and did engage in, unlawful sexual activity.”

Nobody is talking about whether the professional producer filmed anything. If he did the charges will continue to pile up.

According to federal prosecutors involved with the case, the CNN producer is likely to get the maximum penalty in the long run because in addition to his high profile position which gives him an unfair advantage with power and money, he’s also “accused of attempting to entice two other children over apps like Kik and Google Hangout into sexual activity.”

One or more of those appear to be undercover officers posing as potential targets.

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