Democrats Host Forum Just For “Women and Non-Men” And Get Roasted

Democrats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are in fact welcoming “women and non-men” to take part in a discussion “about issues affecting our communities that highly impact non-men in PA.”

“We will be joined by PA House Chairwoman [Leanne Krueger]!” the tweet adds excitedly.

Having stated that, what maybe pulled the outright most attention was really the Democrats’ use of the expression “non-men” in the post– along with the attention wasn’t particularly beneficial.

How did regular people respond?

After one commenter asked, “What are non-men?” another hilariously responded, “People who are born male but vote Democrat.”

From there the commentary went downhill for the Democrats… rapidly.

  • “This is why your entire party is beginning [its] deserved slide into irrelevancy,” another user stated.
  • “When you start using that language (‘non-men’), you’ve already lost a ton of voters,” another commenter observed.
  • “There is no such thing as ‘non-men.’ You just made that up,” another user said.
  • “You people have got to be smoking crack!” another commenter declared. “I just can’t take anyone serious[ly] [who] talks like that. Grow up. Playing pretend is so immature.”
  • “Using the term ‘non-men’ is actually more degrading to women and reinforces the dominant male stereotypes,” another user said while adding hypothetical Democrat reasoning: “Calling you a woman is not good enough, so we will put you down by calling you a non-man. We need to remind you of what you are not.”
  • “This will be right up there with Defund the Police as the dumbest things Democrats have pushed upon Americans,” another commenter noted.
  • “You freaks have dumped everything related to sanity now, haven’t you…” another user wondered.
  • “You can’t just make up your own reality,” another commenter wrote. “All this altruistic groupthink is a cover for evil to permeate society; conditioned in the minds of the weak as something good.”
  • “I identify as woman, wait I’m a man, wait I’m a woman again,” another user quipped.
  • “Vote the politicians backing this anti-science nonsense out of office, or your grandchildren will pay for it,” another commenter said.
  • “If you could keep up this rhetoric until after the 2024 election it would be greatly appreciated,” another user requested. “After that, you can become sane if you’d like.”

Curiously, the arranged discussion is a part of the State House Democrats’ “Women to Women Wednesdays: A Weekly Phone Bank to PA’s Registered Women Voters.”

H/T: The Blaze, The Post Millennial


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