Dems Fall Short as Strong GOP Member Steps Forward

With the announcement that Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) would not seek re-election, speculation abounded as to what member of the GOP will take up the task of representing the people of Missouri in the Senate. With the Senate in a 50/50 split, the stakes have never been higher. Missouri polling calls for Blunt’s seat to remain solidly Republican (Cook, Inside Elections, Sabato’s), but the wrong candidate could change everything.

According to KFVS12 Schmitt said,

“Missourians know from my public service that they can count on me to stand up to the Biden administration, fight to preserve President Trump’s America First agenda and keep this seat in safe pro-Trump Republican hands,” stated Schmitt. “We need more fighters in Washington willing to stop the radical cancel culture agenda being advanced by the left that is destroying lives and suppressing speech.”

Competing With Former Governor Greitens

Republicans and Democrats alike are jockying for position going into the 2022 election. But with Republican Eric Schmitt announcing his candidacy in late March the field has shifted considerably. Where Former Governor Eric Greitens was the dominant force previously, positioning himself as “The America First Candidate” he and Schmitt are now in statistical dead heat according to Remington Research Group/Missouri Scout polling and both are laying claim to the MAGA, Pro-Trump, Republican mantle.

Schmitt is off to a strong start, however, the recent report of Kimberly Guilfoyle joining Greitens’ campaign following the RNC Annual Retreat could spell trouble if this implied endorsement by the Trump family is followed by a direct one. The race seems to hinge on eagerly awaited words from Mar-a-Lago for both prominent GOP candidates.

An Answer For A Concerned Missouri GOP?

According to Politico, Greitens previous scandal involving accusations of sexual assault bring unwanted baggage to a crucial race for GOP sources in St. Louis.

Politico wrote,

“The concerns have grown so serious that former President Donald Trump and those in his orbit have heard from Republicans inside and outside Missouriwho warn that Greitens would be the one GOP candidate who could lose to a Democrat, according to a person familiar with the conversations.”

This could suggest that President Trump may be witholding his endorsement until a pivotal moment, when Guilfoyle can also fall away without a damaging backtrack. In this way the President can bolster BOTH top candidates of the Primary campaign and provide a clearer endorsement when the time is right.



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