Disturbing Video: Teens Attack ‘White’ Woman ‘With Braids’

Boston Police are examining a possible “racially motivated” criminal offense after a group of teens assaulted a woman in the city’s downtown. The group was reported to cops after they were seen assaulting two females in Downtown Crossing around 7 P.M. on April 19.

When the police came to the scene, among the victims stated a group of women called her a “white [expletive] with braids” who shouldn’t wear her hair in that manner because she was “not black” prior to attacking her. The ladies presumably kicked the lady and punched and pulled her by the hair.


Authorities made note in their report that the female was “in distress and highly animated” and had an injury above her eye. The 19-year-old female, who informed cops she identifies as Hispanic, was required to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

“Police then found the attackers nearby but were subjected to numerous assaults while attempting to apprehend the assailants,” reports Fox News. “One male suspect spit on an officer and began to ‘violently kick’ the doors of the police car, while another female suspect tried to free two of the attackers from a police car and assaulted the intervening officer with punches to the face while shouting, ‘What you wanna do? What you wanna do?’”

One suspect spat in the face of an arresting officer. Two suspects pulled the hair of and kicked other officers.

Witnesses informed cops that between 10 and 20 teens participated in the attack and estimated the youngest individual was 12 years of age.

“There were at least 15 girls chasing after the woman on the bike, and they started pounding on her,” witness Christopher Jackson, who works at a nearby flower stand, told a local news station. “They got her down on the ground, and they were holding her down.”

“Her face was all red and scratched. She got up, and she looked like she didn’t know where she was,” said Jackson, adding that the attack appeared to be unprovoked.

Police has actually reported that the city’s District A-1 has had an increase in incidents including teens consisting of public battles, vandalism, aggravated assaults, civil liberties infractions, and shop smashings..

In the exact same location, a group of teens attacked an 81-year-old man consuming a hamburger at a McDonald’s on March 21. Later on that night, a group of teens started screaming “Black Lives Matter” inside Silvertone Bar after the personnel declined to serve them alcohol. The teenagers apparently spat in the face of bar workers and clients and shattered the establishment’s glass door.

Five teens were detained in connection to the Downtown Crossing attack. The Boston Police Department has stated its Civil Rights Unit has actually been brought into the invstigation.

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