EXPLOSIVE Announcement on ILLEGAL Voting

In a press conference that should rock the very foundations of the Wisconsin election system and cast renewed scrutiny on the way the vote was conducted in all fifty-states, Racine County, WI Sheriff Christopher Schmaling revealed the results of a year-long investigation into alleged violations of election law not only in his county but throughout the entire state. A full, painstaking investigation of how votes were gathered from residents of nursing homes and extended care facilities has revealed systemic illegal voting was taking place in Wisconsin.

“Election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered by members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission,” Schmaling said.

According to Fox6 News,

“The sheriff accuses the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) of breaking the law. The commission is equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. They voted 5-1 during the pandemic – when nursing homes were limiting visitors – that municipalities across the state should not send special voting deputies into nursing homes. In normal years, they are deputized by clerks – pairs of them normally help nursing home residents vote.”

“That means the staff at the facility absolutely, positively cannot, by this law. assist in the execution of the vote,” Luell said. However, the WEC proceeded to give the nursing home staff tips on how to help. As written in the Sheriff’s presentation: “The WEC also improperly/illegally advised the facilities to have
staff members assist the residents in voting”


“That is the completion of the crime right there. Crimes throughout the state. All 72 counties, every nursing home, resident care facility, right there,” Luelle alleged.

Illegal Voting Reveal That Has Millions Yelling “We Told You So”!

The investigation kicked off with a woman referred to only by her first name “Shirley” to protect her identity. Shirley was a resident of Ridgewood care facility in Mount Pleasant, WI until her death in October 2020 and voted in the Presidential election. This came as quite a shock to her daughter: Judy who filed a complaint with the Sherriff, you see: Shirley had “diminished mental capacity” and had no business or even capability to vote of her own volition according to the allegations.

Sgt. Michael Luell, an attorney and former Racine County prosecutor, was tasked with the investigation. He explained,

“Judy was obviously concerned and asked, you know, ‘How can you actually do this?’ And she was informed that the employees would inquire as to how the resident had voted in the past and they would basically follow those guidelines and vote accordingly,” Luell said.

“Judy, quite astutely asked, ‘Are you telling me that if my mother can only recall JFK, that the staff would have voted Democrat for her?’ And the answer is yes.”

“How could my mother know that her vote was recorded accurately, she couldn’t see. Judy was informed by the staff that the staff hoped that the other employees would be honest.”

In past years when lawfully appointed Special Voting Deputies were assigned to Ridgewood Care and many other facilities, their voting activity was pretty steadily 10 voters per election… in 2020 Luell found, that number jumped up to 42. The families of eight of those residents told investigators that they lacked the cognitive function necessary to vote. That’s when the house of cards started to come down.

One resident referred to as “VH would ask her own son, who are you? She couldn’t even recognize her own son. And she, she happened to vote in two elections in 2020, but no other elections,” It was clear: something was terribly wrong.

Sgt. Luell went on to reveal that every occurrence of this “assistance” rendered by Ridgewood’s employees as well as any of those in other facilities and each instance of the WEC advising them to do so constitutes a type I felony under Wisconsin law.

Sheriff Schmaling summarized,

“We have we’re just one of 72 counties Racine County. Ridgewood is one of 11 type facilities uh within our county there are literally hundreds and hundreds of these facilities throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. We would be foolish we would be foolish to think for a moment that this integrity issue, this violation of the statute occurred to just a small group of people at one care facility and one county in the entire state.

I would submit to you that this needs the Attorney General’s attention. I would submit to the Attorney General should launch an immediate investigation into the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the harm that they have done to all of these individuals and restore some level of integrity and trust back into our election system. As I mentioned at the beginning of my comments at the end of the day we all want to have fair elections. We all want to make certain that our vote counts and when people break the law we all want them held accountable.”

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