Fight Breaks Out on Fox News

Fox News EMBARRASSES Top Trump Official on LIVE TV

If there’s a Trump official that gets under my skin more than Biden, Harris, and KJP, it would be the National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, John Kirby.

He always has a smug look on his face, as though he is the smartest man in the room and you are not worthy.

He came up through the ranks in the Navy, ultimately retiring as an Admiral, primarily by being a talking head.

He can lie with the best of them, but this time he got caught on live TV during an appearance on Fox News.


Kirby was being asked about not dropping the hammer on Apple.

Yet, at the same time, the White House is warning Twitter that it will be watching.

Marth MacCallum why they would not “not call Apple out for helping the Chinese government to suppress their own people’s ability to communicate?”

Kirby responded, “Apple is a private company. They have to make decisions, and they have to speak for those decisions.

“But here at the White House, here in the administration, we want to see that individual citizens, whether they’re protesting or not … are able to communicate freely and openly.”

MacCallum shot back, “Twitter is a private company too. So why is Twitter getting one treatment [and] Apple’s getting another?”

Kirby responded, “You’re talking about the potential for … foreign investment and involvement in the management of Twitter.

“That’s a different issue than what we’re talking about here, which is a business decision by Apple with respect to how one of their applications is being utilized.”

Let me drop one more little fact on you in regard to Apple.

Take a look at the guest list for the recent state dinner for President Macron.

On it, you will find Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Maybe that is why Biden is not dropping the hammer on Apple like it is the Musk-owned Twitter.

Source: The Blaze

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