Hillary Clinton Addresses John Durham’s Investigation

Hillary Clinton got rattled enough by scandal coming out in conservative media about the Durham probe that she crawled out from under her rock to make a wave-of-the-hand dismissal. Liberals can rest assured that it’s been entirely debunked by her tweet, so don’t listen to the horrid things those nasty deplorables have to say about the matter.

Hillary disturbed by Durham

You can tell that Hillary Clinton was seriously disturbed by the latest leaks from John Durham’s special investigation. She’s so rattled that she made a public statement about it. You can tell her private spin-doctors have been putting in a lot of billable hours in over this one. On Wednesday, February 16, she threw her two cents in on Twitter.

It all started when “Durham filed court papers Friday in which he alleged that a Clinton campaign lawyer enlisted a tech executive to help ‘mine‘ internet data.” That data was used to link Trump with Alfa Bank, a critical link in the Trump-Russia collusion chain the Democrats were trying to forge.

Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones,” Hillary insists. No big deal. “So it’s a day that ends in Y. The more his misdeeds are exposed, the more they lie.” That doesn’t say a single concrete thing.

She relies on the liberal press for cover from the heat. She had more than she could stand and snapped after The Post cornered her on the issue, while “she and her daughter, Chelsea, were at a Queens restaurant.

For those interested in reality, here’s a good debunking of their latest nonsense,” she concluded the post, attaching a link to a Vanity Fair article titled: “You’ll never believe it but Hillary Clinton did not, in fact, spy on Trump’s White House.

Let’s take a look at what it actually says.

Vanity Fair says:

They start by admitting that if Durham has evidence that Hillary Clinton paid spies to run surveillance on Donald Trump to frame him as a foreign asset, it would be a big deal with major consequences.

They deny anything like that happened without a shred of evidence to back their claims up, then they attack Trump for calling Clinton out on it. What was filed may be causing quite a stir but it’s old news, they add.

Michael Sussman, Vanity Fair reports, has been accused by Durham “of lying during a September 2016 meeting with an F.B.I. official about Mr. Trump’s possible links to Russia. The filing was ostensibly about potential conflicts of interest. But it also recounted a meeting at which Mr. Sussmann had presented other suspicions to the government. In February 2017, Mr. Sussmann told the C.I.A. about odd internet data suggesting that someone using a Russian-made smartphone may have been connecting to networks at Trump Tower and the White House, among other places.

Hillary doesn’t want anyone to believe a word of it. They also don’t want you to believe Rodney Joffe and his colleagues had “exploited this arrangement by mining [certain records] for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.

Conservative press reports “he had found that the Clinton campaign had paid the technology company to ‘infiltrate‘ White House servers.” No wonder Hillary is so nervous. Vanity Fair lays out the defense of Clinton in the court of public opinion. First, Sussman’s conversation with the CIA was reported all the way back in October. Second, Durham didn’t actually use the word “infiltrated.” Third, Durham didn’t say who paid Joffe. Fourth, and what they call “most importantly,” the White House compromise didn’t happen under Trump as everyone assumes, it happened under Barack Obama.

They admit it happened, while they completely ignore the fact that not all the conservative press has been misled to their predetermined conclusion. Some have been reporting that the White House infiltration was arranged as part of the plot in order to provide a necessary link in the chain they were hammering together as they went, all the way back while the campaign was still going. Let’s wait and see what Vanity Fair has to say about that possibility.

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