House Majority Leader Charged With Embezzlement

House Majority Leader Charged With Embezzlement

Yet another Democrat has been caught breaking the law. A House Majority leader has been charged with embezzlement of up to $954,000 as part of a racketeering, laundering, and illegal kickbacks scheme.

Authorities have executed search warrants on the home and business of New Mexico House Majority leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton.

The Democrat state representative is being accused of funneling money “from Albuquerque Public Schools through a bogus robotics management learning company, amassing over 5 million dollars,” according to reporting from KOB4.


In April, newly-appointed Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Scott Elder sent a letter to the New Mexico Attorney General alleging “Suspected Violations of Governmental Conduct Act and Procurement Code.”

Authorities are currently looking into connections between Rep. Williams Stapleton and Robotics Management Learning Systems LCC, a D.C. company that has been doing business with Albuquerque Public Schools since 2006.

The warrant reveals that every invoice issued by the robotics company to Albuquerque Public Schools was for an even dollar amount, and the amounts have been unchanging over the years, with most of them being for exactly $40,000. In total, the school system paid the robotics company more than $5.3 million.

It has also been revealed that Rep. Williams Stapleton has direct connections with four companies that received payments from Robotics: The Charlie Morrisey Center for Creative Assistance Inc., the Ujima Foundation, S. Williams and Associates, and local restaurant A Taste of The Caribbean.

Evidence indicates that the Democrat House Majority Leader was the eventual recipient of 60% of the money given by Albuquerque Public Schools — $954,386. Authorities are also investigating additional payments that were redirected into her personal bank accounts.

KOB4 reports: “Williams Stapleton was able to be involved with the procurement of a contract with the company and she could also approve invoices from the company. Robotics Learning then paid money to Stapleton, her businesses, and the non-profits she is involved with.”

Rep. Williams Stapleton has not been arrested yet, but it is likely that, when the investigation is concluded, formal charges will be brought against her.

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