Police Officer Fired- Betrayed Fellow Cops To BLM Mob

Lexington Police Officer Jervis Middleton was fired by unanimous vote of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council this week. The council found him guilty on two counts of violating operational rules, which is an insufficient label for what this former officer did. He betrayed his fellow officers.

More accurately, Middleton sold out his brothers and sisters in blue last August during the height of the BLM riots. Middleton leaked “official Lexington Police Department law enforcement sensitive information” and “tactics the agency was, or were planning to use” to BLM organizers so they could take anticipate police actions and plan accordingly. If such a betrayal were to happen in a military context, this would constitute treason.

According to The Epoch Times,

“Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers said a police disciplinary board recommended that Middleton be fired after he shared information with Black Lives Matter and allegedly lied about it, according to the Herald-Leader. The paper also reported that Middleton used police resources to look up information about a woman who he was allegedly involved with.”

A released memo to Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Walters said Middleton was providing “official Lexington Police Department law enforcement sensitive information” to a known BLM organizer Sarah Williams. 

The Lexington PD’s Bureau of Investigation wrote,

Officer Middleton also provided official Lexington Police Department law enforcement sensitive information via screen shots of text messages and emails that gave away information on tactics the agency was, or were, planning to use, when controlling the nightly protest. He monitored official radio traffic through his portable radio during the protest on nights he was not working. He also made comments to Ms. Williams about driving around the protest on his day off attempting to find the plain clothes officers that were working the event.

Betrayed by Their Own-The Evidence Lexington PD Found Is Staggering

Yes, it sounds bad, but wait, it’s about to get much much worse. When investigators interviewed him, Middleton evaded them and showed no remorse at all.
“During Officer Middleton’s interview he showed no remorse for anything he had done, or any statements he had made. This total lack of understanding of what he was doing and how it affected the officers and the agency make one believe there is a possibility it could happen again in the future. He attempted to deflect the questions asked and gave evasive answers excusing the statements as him just “venting”.”

Take A Look At The Messages He Sent BLM

Let’s take a look at some of former Officer Middleton’s “venting” shall we? The following are text messages to and from Sarah Williams pulled from his Facebook messenger app by investigators from the publicly released report. These show Middleton was clearly working against his own department with the BLM rioters.
” – JM to SW “Was your friend okay/ Glad the officer was decent.. I’m triggered with these motherf*ckers though… I wanna fight them all.. yall good? How’s holding up?”
– SW to JM / They arrested some of our people
– JM to SW / For what?
– SW to JM / I wasn’t there
– SW to JM / I was still out Richmond Rd
– JM to SW / Are they taking them on to the jail or citing them? If they go to jail, the jail will turn around and let them out.. if not, there will be a true riot..
– SW to JM / I’m so god***n mad man
– JM to SW / Call me if you need to..
– SW to JM / Send me some more shit to talk to them please
– JM to SW / Call Commander ::REDACTED:: a racist… you can say you have some information on him…
– JM to SW / Talk to them about sending ::REDACTED:: away…on military leave…
– SW to JM / I mentioned ::REDACTED::
– JM to SW / You can talk about how you several officers and sergeants are blatantly racists and don’t like interracial relationships… Definitely talk about ::REDACTED::!! That bitch committed a crime!! She gives out a statement about the black Sgt… but not about the white officers etc.. you should go in on her…
– JM to SW/ Oh and clarification…::REDACTED:: is an officer… he’s the one who ole girl said sent dick picks.. Commander ::REDACTED:: is ::REDACTED::’s older brother… FYI”
Even still more damning is that Middleton monitored police frequencies and gave material assistance to Ms. Williams and her BLM mob in REAL-TIME.
“A second incident involving Officer Middleton monitoring the police radio while off-duty occurred the night before, on May 29, 2020. On this night Ms. Williams led a group of protestors throughout the streets of Lexington during the evening hours. This “march” can be observed on multiple officers BWC (Body Worn Camera)  videos including ::REDACTED:: . This was the beginning of the organized protest, so the strategies had not been completely worked out in regards to how the officers would respond to these events. On this date Lt. ::REDACTED:: and ::REDACTED:: organized and supervised various officers walking with the crowd and others blocking intersections as the crowd approached.
::REDACTED;; next BWC activation is at 2050 and runs for 1 hour and 54 minutes. During this time ::REDACTED:: can be observed walking behind the crowd as they walk through the streets. He supervises individual officers and stays with the crowd the entire time. During this time period Officer Middleton contacts Ms. Williams through the Facebook Messenger App and provides the below information.”
– JM to SW “In your video that’s ::REDACTED:: … he’s a second shift Sgt…He works with ::REDACTED:: and under ::REDACTED::”
 – JM to SW  “He entire energy was on f*ck”
 – JM to SW “He is a pompous smartass f* if you get the chance to let him have it, give him some extra for me!!!”

It is unknown at this time as to whether former-Officer Middleton may face additional charges for endangering his fellow officers during the high tension, dangerous confrontations with BLM in the weeks that followed.

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