How the 1983 Capitol Bombing and BLM are CONNECTED

Democrats don’t have a problem with one of their favorite Black Lives Matter leaders being connected to the bombing of the Capitol Building in 1983, but any deplorable who ever said they stand behind the Constitution or President Donald Trump is automatically labeled a “terrorist” after what happened January 6.

Capitol once bombed by a BLM activist

Barely a week after barbarians invaded the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., falsely identified as “Trump Supporters” for maximum propaganda effect, Democrats are using the incident to not only justify another sham impeachment but to “cancel” conservatism once and for all. They’re total hypocrites.

If they meant what they said, they would be outraged that Black Lives Matter organizer Susan Rosenberg has connections to an explosion. She’s such a hero that Bill Clinton gave her a pardon.


Rosenberg’s ties to the 1983 act of what everyone besides Snopes would consider “terrorism,” surfaced when she was identified as “a board member for a leftist group raising funds for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.”

Bombing the Capitol was just a helpful line on her resume. The couple and their cat who call themselves Snopes, and debunk anything conservatives have to say, had a hard time censoring that one.

Snopes was forced to admit that yes, Rosenberg does have a “role within BLM” so that was True. They couldn’t actually call any aspect of the claim “False” but they declared the statement a “mixture” because “they were unsure if you should consider bombing US government buildings as terrorism.”

Even the Capitol Building. So she is a Black Lives Matter affiliate and she is linked to the bombing but she’s not necessarily a terrorist. Okay, so why aren’t the barbarians who entered and vandalized the same building getting the same free pass? Because they’re being used as scapegoats to demonize each and every conservative American. If you weren’t inside the building that day, you wanted to be, so you must be guilty.

November 7, 1983

On the evening of November 7, 1983, at two minutes before 11:00 p.m. “a thunderous explosion tore through the second floor of the U.S. Capitol’s Senate wing. Since the area was virtually deserted at the time, there were no casualties.” The bomb was hidden under a bench outside the senate chamber.

The destruction to the Capitol Building was extensive. It “blew the hinges off the door to the office of Sen. Robert Byrd.” Also, the blast “damaged five paintings, particularly a stately portrait of Massachusetts Sen. Daniel Webster.”

The Senate chamber wasn’t the only one affected by the bomb. “The blast also punched a hole in a partition that sent a shower of pulverized brick, plaster and glass into the Republican cloakroom behind the chamber.”

Thankfully, there wasn’t any structural damage to the Capitol, but it did shatter mirrors. Lots of furniture and a few chandeliers didn’t make it. The damage was estimated at $250,000. Bill Clinton gave Rosenberg a pardon for it.

Rosenberg was arrested in connection with bombing the Capitol Building but wasn’t prosecuted. she was already serving a long sentence for “related terrorist crimes.” No wonder BLM loves her so much.

“By the time she was 29, Rosenberg was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, suspected of being an accomplice in the 1979 prison escape of the still FBI-wanted Joanne Chesimard, aka ‘Assata Shakur,’ a [Black Liberation Army] member who was serving a life sentence for the murder of police troopers in New Jersey. Rosenberg was also wanted in connection to a 1981 Brink’s robbery that claimed the lives of two police officers and one guard.”

In 2011, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “Rosenberg had been sentenced to 58 years in prison for being in possession of 740 pounds of explosives” but it doesn’t count because “Former President Bill Clinton pardoned her in 2001.”

Most recently, she surfaced during the riots over the summer as “the vice chairwoman of the leftist advocacy group Thousand Currents.”

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