Info: Low Flying Military Helicopters Over Major US City

On Thursday, August 26th as reports of terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan killing and wounding hundreds filled our newsfeeds Newsmax host Greg Kelly tweeted out that Military Helicopters had been spotted flying “VERY LOW” over Manhattan! And Kelly asked a very good question, “What’s going on?!?!” In the 48 hours since the sighting, we still have little information to go on. The alert status of the Department of Homeland Security has been elevated since August 13th and many experts warn that with the emergence of ISIS-K we may see terrorist plots targeting the United States at home.

In the post 9/11 world, the airspace over Manhattan is some of the most tightly regulated on the planet short of Washington, D.C., or the Groom Lake testing area in the Nevada Test and Training Range (Area 51). For military aircraft to arbitrarily disrupt that airspace is a rarity, but for any information on it to be absolutely scrubbed from the internet is even more concerning. Similar reports were tweeted out regarding military aviation activity above Stamford, CT  a mere 45 minutes away from New York and in Boston as well coinciding with a  massive outage of Comcast’s Internet service. F-16’s were also spotted around Atlantic City, NJ.


NYPD Shows Military Activity Over The City

The NYPD reported an Aircraft Flyover Advisory on August 26th at approximately 9:30 AM. They tweeted, “ADVISORY: Today, at 9:30 AM, two F-18 jets will be conducting a flyover on the Hudson River towards the Verrazano Bridge. The aircraft will fly at approximately 2,500 feet.” This coincides with the timing of Kelly’s tweet but not the aircraft type or altitude but does corroborate that the US Military was operating in NYC airspace at the time.

More direct information from civil authorities or military sources seems unlikely. However, with heightened tensions in Afghanistan and in the South China Sea, as well as a greater risk of internal unrest we can expect military aviation activity over American cities to continue to increase throughout 2021.

The pervading sense of distrust between the American people and the Biden-Harris regime will only serve to create greater concern in the American public over unscheduled or unannounced military deployments as patriots cast a wary eye toward co-opted military and police that many have spent their lives supporting.


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