Inner Trump Turncoats Continue to Unmask

 Stephanie Grisham is the latest of a never-ending stream of sad turncoats to attempt backstabbing the Trump family. A former White House press secretary and chief of staff to First Lady Melania Trump, Grisham is claiming that she has “surprising new scandals.” to reveal in a new book set to release Oct. 5th (shocker, right?).

GOP Newsfeed started reporting on this Sep. 10th when the Press was just beginning to tip over into full hysteria to boost this grifter, in the subsequent week or so… it hasn’t improved. Of course, as earlier reported: “CNN, Axios, and every other mainstream outlet are falling all over themselves to sing her praises and psych up the leftist shills all over the country. Move over Avenatti, watch out John Bolton, here comes Stephanie!”

According to a recent release to Politico’s Daniel Lippman,


At 1:25 p.m. on Jan. 6, soon after rioters had broken through barricades outside of the Capitol, MELANIA TRUMP received a text message from her then-chief of staff, STEPHANIE GRISHAM.

“Do you want to tweet that peaceful protests are the right of every American, but there is no place for lawlessness and violence?” Grisham asked the first lady.

The First Lady responded “No.”, and apparently Grisham was so taken aback by this she allegedly resigned a few hours later.

Now, Politico and the mainstream are pointing out that Melania was preparing for a photo shoot at that time based on excerpts from Grisham’s book, with the implication that the First Lady couldn’t be bothered. However, anyone with a lick of sense and without a rabidly Anti-Trump narrative to push would assess that no doubt President Trump and his team were very much in control of the messaging coming from the White House and it would be wholly inappropriate for the First Lady to respond prior to the President or in an uncoordinated fashion.

In fact, Politico’s reporting shows that this was an established policy of Melania’s in other sensitive situations as well. They wrote, “Grisham, a years-long Trump loyalist who resigned within hours of that text exchange, also writes that she asked Melania a couple times whether she should reach out to JILL BIDEN during the transition to set up the traditional inauguration tea. But instead of setting up the meeting,

“Melania told her that they should “see what the West Wing does.”

Because logically, it is not the First Lady’s role to set White House Policy…EVER.

Former First Lady Melania Trump Isn’t Amused With The Turncoats Grift

A statement from the First Lady’s office said,

“The intent behind this book is obvious. It is an attempt to redeem herself after a poor performance as press secretary, failed personal relationships, and unprofessional behavior in the White House. Through mistruth and betrayal, she seeks to gain relevance and money at the expense of Mrs. Trump.”

Check out these quotes from Axios, did they get them from the back of the book?

“A former West Wing colleague of Grisham’s tells Axios: “When I heard this, all I could think about was Stephanie surrounded by a lake of gasoline, striking a match with a grin on her face.”

“A source close to the publication told Axios: “Grisham knows where all the bodies are buried because she buried a lot of them herself.”

“The source says Grisham “has receipts … she was a press person and it was her job to make sure she knew what was happening.”

Seriously though, how much did she pay them? That isn’t even very good marketing copy, let alone journalism.


Twitter Is Similarly Unimpressed With Trump’s Latest Turncoat Grifter

Some pretty prominent voices in the media and on Twitter aren’t particularly amused at obvious and pedestrian money-grab adding to the extensive catalog of Trump-bashing “exposés” on the 45th President and his families (it’s practically a genre, there’s like 13 pages of them on Amazon under “Trump exposé” ).

Seriously, you have two types of people talking about this, some in the press are complaining about the lack of Press Conferences Stephanie Grisham held in her short nine-month tenure, and others simply asking ‘who the hell is she?’ there is also a handful who are just tickled about anything that could possibly harm President Trump. Some people pointed out that the release date seems ‘strategic’ being “just days before Trump’s next rally”. Honestly, it’s doubtful the former President actually cares, he’s been down this road enough times to not be remotely concerned.

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