Kid Does Unthinkable to Save Off- Duty Officer

A drive-thru employee at Mcdonald’s was a kid caught off guard while working the window. Handing over a customer’s order, he heard the screams of two young children in the car. He knew immediately that something was wrong and dove out the window. The whole incident was caught on camera.

Pedro Viloria
Pedro Viloria (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

22-year-old, Pedro Viloria, was working the drive-thru window in Doral, Florida when a regular order turned into an emergency situation. A customer paid for her meal like normal but when her vehicle came to Viloria’s window, she didn’t stop. Instead, her car continued rolling through the parking lot.  At that time Viloria heard the woman’s children crying and pleading with their mother. “Her kids were (in the back) screaming, ‘Mother, mother stop it! What are you doing?'” the young man remembered, according to Inside Edition.

Pedro Viloria
Pedro Viloria realizes something is wrong when the vehicle doesn’t stop at his window and he hears children screaming in the backseat. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It was clear that the driver no longer had control of her car. She was making jerking movements, which caused her foot to slip off the brake pedal. Her breathing was also abnormal and her children were terrified.

“I see she hardly breathing, and I thought that’s not normal,” Viloria said, recalling the moment he realized the woman was having a medical emergency. “Her kids were screaming,” he added, according to NBC Miami. “I thought I gotta get to that car.”

Viloria knew he had to do something, so he leapt from the drive-thru window and rushed to help the woman as a surveillance camera caught footage of his heroic efforts. Little did he know, however, who he was about to rescue.

Pedro Viloria wasted no time jumping out the window to save the woman. A woman who happens to be an off-duty police officer. Viloria chased after the car before throwing himself in front of it in hopes of stopping it, even if it might endanger his own life.

“I thought if these kids lose their mother today, it would have been tragic. If I would have had to die to save that woman, I would have done it,” Viloria said, explaining his bravery. “My brain was on hero mode,” he added. “I ran as fast as I could, put myself in front of the car.”

An off-duty fire rescue officer, who was inside the restaurant lobby at the time of the incident, also rushed to help. Luckily, the curb stopped the vehicle allowing Viloria and others to help. A second employee, who asked not to be identified, came to assist as well by administering CPR.

“When I looked back there was all these rescue workers,” Viloria said. “I was with the kids — I was trying to tell them it will be all right, the kids were breaking my soul.”

After realizing the woman is having a medical emergency, Pedro Viloria jumps out the window and runs to help her. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Both employees received praise from the McDonald’s owner. “He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman,” Alex Menendez said to local news outlets. “Their quick thinking and action were everything in that moment,” he added.

Thankfully, the brave onlookers’ heroism worked as the woman, only identified as an off-duty police officer, was rushed to a nearby hospital. There she was treated in the days after the incident. “She’s alive and that’s enough,” Viloria said before reiterating, “if I had to die to save that woman I would have.”


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