This Fallen Officer's 'Final Gift'

This Fallen Officer’s ‘Final Gift’

This fallen officer’s “final gift” after he was killed during a shootout while responding to a domestic disturbance in Harlem, New York, was to save the lives of five other individuals.

Officer Wilbert Mora, a 27 year old New York City police officer, has saved five lives after donating his heart, liver, two kidneys, and pancreas to five patients who were in need of live-saving organ transplants.

Thanks to Officer Mora, three individuals from New York City were saved, and another two from outside of the city.

“Two of our NYPD heroes tragically lost their lives while protecting and serving their beloved city. When Officer Wilbert Mora’s family was notified of his passing, his family knew their brave and dedicated son would want to continue to save lives, even in death,” said Leonard Achan RN, MA, ANP, President and CEO of LiveOnNY in a statement.

“Officer Mora’s final gift was the gift of life to others in need. He was transferred from Harlem Hospital to NYU Langone Health, where we have honored the family’s wishes for him to be an organ donor hero, so that he may ‘Live On’ while saving the lives of others,” Achan added.

The Shooting

On Friday, January 21st, Officer Mora and Officer Jason Rivera, 22, were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance near an apartment in Harlem, a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

When they arrived at the scene, Lashawn J. McNeil opened fire on the officers, fatally shooting both Mora and Rivera. As the suspect attempted to flee the scene, he was shot by a third officer. McNeil died days later from his injuries.

McNeil, who has a history of posting anti-police messages on social media, had been arrested five times before the shooting and was currently on probation related to a felony drug conviction in New York City in 2003. He was also arrested four times outside of the city on various charges, including assault on an officer and weapon possession.

Following Mora’s passing, New York City Mayor called the fallen officer a hero who “gave his life for our safety.”

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