LOOK At What This School District Is Hiding

The Eau Claire Area School District in western Wisconsin held a training session in February where the staff was taught that “parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities.”

Daily Wire investigative reporter Mairead Elordi joined the company’s “Morning Wire” podcast in an exclusive look into the sick teachings of the Wisconsin School Board.

The left has made it clear that our children are their latest targets to be groomed into their sick and twisted ideologies. Elordi exposed this particular school board’s views of parent rights and how parents have no say in the mental and physical well-being of their children. 

Elordi explained to the “Morning Wire” hosts, John Bickley and Georgia Howe, that the Eau Claire Area School District told teachers that knowledge of the children’s gender identities “must be earned” by parents. Teachers were allowed to hide the gender transitions of students from their parents.

“The training went on to say that teachers are often ‘straddling this complex situation’ and said that the district’s ‘priority is supporting the student,” Said Elordi.

When asked if any parents or School Board Members were frustrated by these teachings, Elordi explained, “The school board candidates, who are attempting to unseat current members, actually released a joint statement accusing the district of a quote, ‘blatant disregard for parental rights and responsibilities.”

“They also said this policy directly pressures teachers to break what they called the known social contract between schools and parents,” she continued.

Mairead Elordi made it clear that the school district of the Eau Claire Area is clearly stating that it is the school, not the parents that have authority over children. Sadly, this is not an isolated case as schools across America have forced-fed children leftist ideologies for decades, each year teachers and administrators become more blatant in their attack on parental rights. 

Things will only change when parents step up in their local communities, run for school board positions, and become a visible presence in their children’s classrooms. 

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