Officer BITTEN and EXPOSED to…

A Memphis psycho intentionally bit an officer during her arrest to infect him with HIV.

Memphis police arrested 38-year-old Dayton Smith, a woman who is HIV positive, for numerous charges. Her arrest was due to a traffic stop where Smith was driving on expired tags, and a suspended license, and she had no insurance.

Officers could smell a strong odor of marijuana emanating from her vehicle during the traffic stop. A search of the car revealed more than just marijuana, she had crack cocaine hidden within her car. They also recovered .2 grams of powder cocaine inside a rolled-up dollar bill.

Smith was removed from her vehicle and placed in the back of a cruiser before the officers conducted the search. Throughout the search she acted erratically and was banging on the cruiser windows and doors, yelling that she had to use the bathroom.

When an officer opened the door to speak with her, she attempted to flee. She didn’t get very far. Officers caught her and while they were restraining the psycho woman, she bit, kicked, punched, and attempted to stab them with keys.

Smith continued to resist arrest, and bit one officer on the arm, breaking his skin. When taken to the hospital for treatment, she revealed she was HIV positive.

The officer also received medical care for exposure to HIV. He has since been released.

Smith faces multiple charges and is due in court. She’s being held in jail on a $50,000 bond.

Watch the video report below:

Sources: OpposingViews, WREG


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