Man Impersonates A Police Officer To Perpetrate This Horrific Crime

The Los Angeles Authorities Division said a man intentionally rammed a 13-year-old young boy with his truck and then impersonated a police officer to kidnap him.

The painful incident happened in Scenery City at 8 a.m.

Cops pointed out that the boy was actually riding his bike when he was hit by a Toyota Tundra pickup.

They determined that the man was 38-year-old Ottoniel Mendoza. Investigators claim Mendoza informed the teen that he was actually a policeman, showed him a badge, and forced him into the truck. Luckily for the target, a witness saw what happened as well and called the authorities.

After that  Mendoza grabbed an unknown traveler while the kid was still in his car. Authorities were able to locate the motor vehicle about a mile from where the kid was taken.

No weapons were found in Mendoza’s possession. The child was taken to the healthcare facility for injuries incurred during the experience.

Mendoza was arrested and also charged with kidnapping. Police mention they may detain him with additional unlawful acts as the investigation warrants.

“I sincerely don’t think he had good intentions,” stated Deputy Principal Alan Hamilton of the LAPD Valley Bureau. “I think this could have ended a very different way had our officers not located the individual.”

The other traveler was discharged after cops questioned him as well, as he had nothing to do with the claimed abduction.

Cops claim the event was not amateurish, and that they are worried Mendoza might have various other victims. They are asking the general public for any sort of relevant information related to Mendoza or other victims who may have been ripped off by a man pretending to be a policeman.

Listed below is a local news report concerning the shocking incident:

Man pretending to be policeman abducts 13-year-old child he fined truck


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