Man Steals Ambulance with Patient in it, You Wont Believe How This One Ends

Man Steals Ambulance with Patient in It, You Wont Believe How This One Ends

The motivations are still unclear in the bizarre story coming out of Oklahoma, as police were led on a chase after a man stole an ambulance with a patient still inside.

According to officials, the suspect hopped into the driver’s seat of the ambulance at the emergency room entrance of St. Anthony’s Shawnee Hospital, after the paramedic who was driving it had stepped out. Another paramedic fell out of the ambulance when it was taken, and sustained minor injuries.

Shawnee Police Department officials began the chase at around 3:45 p.m., following the ambulance through the area and onto Interstate 40. According to police, a woman in the back of the vehicle began signaling to officers through the window during the chase.

The suspect reportedly spoke with the 9-1-1 dispatcher in Shawnee, claiming that he would release the patient from the ambulance if Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers would stop pursuit.

“Officials set up stop sticks at mile marker 212. The suspect hit the stop sticks but managed to keep going,” KFOR News reports.

The suspect began exiting the highway at mile marker 217, but quickly got back on the interstate headed east. He managed to make it another 8-10 miles after hitting the stop sticks, then entered a private drive near Okemah, about 60 miles east of Oklahoma City. The suspect’s run finally ended when ambulance got stuck on a private drive just south of Interstate 40 on Highway 27.

After realizing the vehicle was stuck, the suspect exited the ambulance and fled on foot, leaving the patient inside.

Law enforcement caught up with the man and arrested him. No information has been provided as to the condition of the patient at this time.

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