Newsmax Host Is Jack Dorsey’s Older Brother, Censoring Mike Lindell

You would have to search far and wide to find irony that ran as deep as this story. Newsmax invited Mike Lindell onto American Agenda to discuss him being silenced on Twitter personally and his My Pillow company.  You won’t believe what happened next.

Discuss, Wait, Shut Up

Bob Sellers, aka Newsmax’s Mr. Sour Puss, did the unthinkable. Approximately 20 seconds into the segment, Mike Lindell, is silenced, again.

For the next 30 seconds Sellers shouted over Lindell like a drunken father does at the tv that won’t turn on because the remote batteries are dead. He nervously read from an official statement about election fraud in the 2020 election.


Next, he bolted off the set like he had just ate a street taco in Tijuana and drank the water.

Newsmax loves the 2020 election results and says everything is peachy. Lindell and 74 million Americans think differently because we’ve been misled and silenced.

Bob Sellers should be called into the owner’s office to hear these words, “We’re letting you go. In other words you’re fired.” Moreover, get a buzz button and push it with Trump’s voice “You’re Fired!” for a lasting effect.


The Bottom Line

“Shut up about election fraud!” Dominion Voting Systems shouted at Newsmax. “Oh yes your majesty, shame on us. We deserve to be silenced.” mumbled Newsmax. This is the perfect irony isn’t it.

A bully, Dominion Voting Systems, stomps and demands people stop talking about the truth. Newsmax, an independent tv network succumbs to them and is silenced.

Twitter, the cesspool of anonymous rhetoric and the leader of their gestapo, Jack Dorsey, started this fight. Zuckerberg over at Fakebook and his pals at Google and YouTube have joined in happily. They want all conservative voices silenced.

The inevitable will happen. Newsmax will have to pick a side. Fox News picked their side and look what happened to them. Will Newsmax issue Mike Lindell an apology for their anchor’s poor form when he silenced the CEO?

One thing is for sure. Newsmax better pick smartly because if the Left is coming after our first amendment rights, what makes them think they won’t come after them all?

Wake up Newsmax! You’re fame will be very short lived if you keep allowing this type of idiotic irony to continue and you will be silenced by the viewers.


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