Republicans Censure Another RINO

Career RINO Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has now been censured by one-quarter of her State’s counties as a fourth GOP Committee expresses their public condemnation of her behavior. Collins has consistently acted against the interests of her party and constituents and this move came as a direct consequence of her decisions to side against the Republicans and President Trump. Waldo county has just joined Piscataquis, Kennebec where the capital of Augusta is located, and even Collins’ home county of Aroostook.

It’s notable that Kennebec County specifically probably came as a shock to Collins, given the county consistently voted Democrat until 2016 when the County voted for President Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports that the actual censure vote took place on April 8th but was not publicly released because the Waldo County GOP “sincerely wanted to give Senator Collins the opportunity to respond to us outside of the media.” according to Katrina Smith, chair of the Waldo County Republican Committee.

“As of this writing, her office has never responded to us,” Smith said, explaining, “Our county was slow to censure her because we hoped that the state GOP would go ahead and take action and that it would send an even louder message to her than we could do alone.”

Smith provided the letter her Committee sent to Senator Collins which leaves no room for her to misinterpret her state party’s view.

“I am writing to inform you that the Waldo County Republican committee held a county wide vote on April 8th to censure the vote you cast to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

The Waldo County Republicans vehemently stand against your reasoning to vote to impeach and stand with the facts (sic) that President Donald Trump did not incite violence and could not legitimately be impeached as a former President. We believe you did not represent your constituents in a manner that reflected their wishes and hereby censure your decision.”

The County level censures have come after the Maine State GOP failed to censure Sen. Collins in a March vote in a 19-41 vote which has highlighted the disconnect between the establishment and grassroots of the party.

RINO Collins Betrayal Dividing The Maine Republicans

A schism has formed in the Maine GOP as a direct result of Sen. Collins’ actions against her party’s interests, in defiance of her grassroots constituents. the Maine Grassroots Republican Caucus or MGRC, consisting of six county chairmen and state committee members broke off from the Maine GOP just a day after the vote to censure Collins failed.

The Washington Examiner wrote,

“The Main Republican Party just isn’t listening to the voices of disenfranchised Republicans that are screaming to hold officials accountable,” John DeVeau, a former state lawmaker and caucus chairman, said in a statement,

“We didn’t create the division,” DeVeau continued in reference to COVID-19 lockdown protocols in the state. “We’re actually trying to unify the Republican Party by giving the disenfranchised a voice at the statewide level and restore the constitutional balance of power.”

DeVeau told Breitbart News the continued censure of Collins at the county level throughout Maine “is an indication of the failure to listen to those who write the $10 checks v. the $10,000 checks.”

“The thought that money is more important than people is a recipe for disaster,” he added.

This is the true hazard that RINO’s like Collins present: not only working against the will of their constituents and contrary to the interests of their party and people but dividing them as well.


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