Senate Pulls the Rug Out from Biden

His Wisdom Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats got some really bad news from Senate RINOs. Charles Schumer can’t count them in this time around. If they go rogue now, they won’t be able to ever return home to face the howling mob of deplorables. They know that their constituents will be waiting for them at the airport with a bucket of roof tar and a few feather pillows. That pulls the rug right out from under Joe’s plan to spend our way out of bankruptcy.

Senate caves to pressure

Ever since he usurped office, Imperial Leader Joe Biden and the forces of liberal darkness in Congress have been trying to pass a massive and highly controversial trillion dollar spending package. They just learned it’s considered “DOA” in the Senate. The whole scheme can be tagged, bagged and sent off to the morgue.

Just because it has the word “infrastructure” in the title doesn’t mean that the bridges will ever get fixed, Republicans warn. Not only that, somebody has to pay for all the extra goodies the progressives packed it with. So far, handing the credit card bill to the grand-kids seems to be the Democrat’s favored method.


Ranking Senate Democrat Charles Schumer planned on focusing a busy summer schedule on infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Democrats were focusing on infrastructure plus the kitchen sink.

On top of that, they’re working on a separate package of all the things they know Republicans will never let them get away with in the main spending bill. They plan to sneak their fantasy wish list through sideways, without letting Republicans have a say in the matter.

In order to get the main compromise bill through the legislative process, Democrats need at least 10 RINOs in the Senate to back them up. Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are the only ones with no political capital to lose by lining up with their fellow Democrats but they aren’t enough to get the job done.

All the other Democrat sleeper cells in the GOP are laying low and staying in the closet. As reports are noting, “right now,” passing the bill “doesn’t appear to be a possibility. In fact, according to several sources, they might even lose a few of the 11 Republicans who originally opted to back the bill.”

No clear plan to pay

All across the District of Columbia, high ranking Republicans are venting their frustration. They’re all set to rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges but the Democrats want so much more as to make the whole program unworkable. The picture they paint about eventually getting the bridges fixed is described as “grim.”

Senate Republican Whip John Thune grumbled “I don’t see any way possible that this is on the floor next week,” as he was on his way out of one meeting. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota adds, at “this point, it doesn’t look like something most Republicans would vote for because it is so unclear how it would be paid for.”

While Senate Republicans are all in favor of “improving roads, bridges, waterways, and even broadband across the country,” the problem is that Democrats want to toss in all of their “left-wing causes” to pad the bill up to $1 trillion smackers.

They just doled out over $4 trillion on pandemic relief and they’re planning a separate “human infrastructure” deal which current estimates suggest “would cost the country another $6T overall.” You can’t just print that kind of cash without causing the kind of hyperinflation which is so hard on zoos and the pet population — once the masses start starving.

According to Senator Cramer, “Republicans just haven’t seen a clear plan as to how America is going to pay for all this. And apparently, Democrats haven’t given them a viable answer. There are all these things that are relevant that are not defined.”

Until that gets sorted out, they won’t get 11 Senate RINOs to stand up to be counted. Democrats are being totally unreasonable and also say they won’t even “consider the bipartisan bill until they’re guaranteed a vote on that ‘human infrastructure’ bill.” With 6 trillion that we don’t have at stake on that, they better not hold their breath.

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