Supply Chain Crisis Worsens and Here’s Who’s Responsible

There is no refuting that some Democrat plans at the government and also state level are absolutely irrational. They do not think about the major repercussion prior to making such fundamental changes– much like their boss Joe Biden as he continues to put America in great jeopardy.  These Democrats are all well aware that Joe Biden began all these supply chain issues, however, as opposed to repairing the crisis, they have actually single-handedly made it also Worse.

Suppliers, contractors, dining establishments, and also virtually every sector are facing supply chain problems. They can’t get the materials or parts required to execute their jobs.

And also currently to add more injuries to the regular Americans, California issued sweeping environmental guidelines to decrease fossil gas discharges throughout the state that will worsen the national supply chain crisis as well as damage the trucking market, industry leaders told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Gateway Pundit formerly reported on supply chain problems:

We first reported on supply chain issues and ships sitting offshore in California last fall.  Ships were sitting offshore and products were delayed throughout the country.

The Los Angeles and Long Beach ports were moving at a snail’s pace while the demand for products was at near all-time highs as COVID lockdowns were ending.  Record numbers of container ships were sitting offshore and not getting unloaded.  What was going on?

Biden and his Secretary of Transportation, ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg, were lost and nowhere to be found. Finally, Biden announced that LA and Long Beach ports would remain open 24/7 but nobody listened and nothing changed.  It’s been more than half a year and nothing is getting done.  Now it looks like it is going to get worse.

Do you believe that this current supply chain situation is manufactured? Similar to the outrageous manufactured COVID lockdowns that created havoc throughout the world economy.

Well, you need to continue reading this interesting piece from The Daily Caller:

California issued sweeping environmental regulations to reduce fossil fuel emissions throughout the state that will worsen the national supply chain crisis and cripple the trucking industry, industry leaders told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a set of revised regulations called the Air Resources Board Truck and Bus Regulation, which required trucking companies in the state to upgrade their trucks with 2010 or newer engines by Jan. 1, 2023. The provision will add additional pressure to the supply chain crisis and cause many small trucking businesses to close or significantly reduce their workforce, industry leaders told the DCNF.

“We in the industry know that if you think there was a supply chain problem over the last year, wait until you take this many trucks out of the marketplace that are not replaceable,” Joe Rajkovacz, director of governmental affairs and communications at the Western States Trucking Association, told the DCNF. “You can be talking about something we as a country have never seen before.”

The rule will take roughly 80,000 commercial trucks, or roughly 17% of the trucking fleet, off the road, adding significant pressure to the supply chain crisis, Rajkovacz said.

The provision would hit smaller trucking operations the hardest, Rajkovacz added. Like the auto industry, the trucking industry has experienced extensive supply shortages, making it expensive and difficult to buy used trucks and find additional parts.

“The way the industry works is that large operators turn over their fleets in a three-year or four-year cycle,” Rajkovacz said. “The used trucks end up in the marketplace and are absorbed by the small business community, but that is all upset right now.”

Democrat policies in Washington DC as well as California are placing a lot more stress and anxiety on the supply chain crisis.

Sources: Thegatewaypundit, The Daily CallerH/T Patriot Nation Press

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