The Really Bizarre Post CNN Spat Out Over Bloody Massacre

The absolute last thing that leftward-tilted CNN will admit is that a racist Black Supremacist committed an act of domestic terror in a horrific intentional massacre of White Christians. According to them, the car did it, all on it’s own, like that one from the Stephen King novel.

CNN massacre melt-down

The editorial staff at CNN is having a total meltdown. They can’t ignore what happened and telling the truth is totally out of the question.

Instead, they decided to write fiction and pass it off as the news. They just proved that there really isn’t any difference between them and other satire sites like The Onion or Babylon Bee.


CNN is feeling “intense backlash” Faux News writes, after the insane insensitivity Twitter allowed them to get away with on Sunday, November 28. They dared to report “that the SUV involved in the Waukesha parade attack was responsible for the massacre that resulted in six deaths.”

The maroon Ford Explorer had a mind of it’s own as it plowed through a parade of peaceful Christians, murdering grannies while smashing through toddlers.

CNN didn’t mention the SUV had a driver. Darrell Brooks was charged by police with “intentional homicide.”

The liberal network can’t talk about him because he’s a Black Supremacist who identifies with Antifa. So far, there have been six deaths, including one 8-year-old child. Dozens more were injured with some fighting hard for survival.

A moment of silence

Unable to avoid covering the story at all, CNN decided to spin it to the left’s advantage. As Faux notes, the Democrat protecting network “appeared to place the responsibility on Brooks’ vehicle, making no mention of the career criminal behind the wheel.”

What they actually posted on social media is this: “Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.” It wasn’t a Tesla.


The twitterati came unglued. “Well, how about that? Autonomous cars seem to be running amok,” legal scholar and McCormick professor Robert P. George wrote. “Evidently, one got it into it’s head to kill and maim a bunch of humans, so it ‘drove through a Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.’ We should punish that car to teach others a lesson.”

The scary part is that CNN actually expected to get away with it.

They found out real fast that nobody would cut them an inch of slack. “Give me a break CNN,” Sen. Ted Cruz’s communication adviser Steve Guest wrote. “A car drove through a city Christmas parade” The headline was written like this for a reason.”

The liberal network isn’t alone. Faux adds that the explosive tweet “comes amid ongoing criticism over the media’s decision to refer to the deadly attack as a ‘parade crash,’ downplaying the intent prosecutors have leveled against the career criminal.”

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