They Found Another Way to Tax You for Owning a Firearm

They Found Another Way to Tax You for Owning a Firearm

If there is one thing the government is good at, it’s finding new ways to tax people. The Democrat-controlled city government in San Jose, California has now combined their love of taxes with their hatred of firearms, voting unanimously to approve new gun control measures.

Instead of focusing on the crime, Democrats are focusing on the weapon. After the May 2021 shooting at the VTA Guadalupe light rail yard, the San Jose City Council is trying to reduce gun violence by creating a new tax on law-abiding gun owners.

The proposal, which was passed in a unanimous vote, will require all legal gun owners in the city to carry liability insurance, and to pay an annual fee which would go toward supporting emergency and police services.


“We’ve got to do more to ensure that burdens are property borne by those who choose to exercise their right to own a gun and to ensure that those fees and insurance requirements will incentivize safer gun ownership,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo.

Of course, this is going to have little to no effect on crimes involving firearms, the majority of which are committed using illegally obtained weapons. The Firearms Policy Coalition, an organization that advocates for Second Amendment rights, is already preparing to take action against the city.

Mayor Liccardo says that the city’s attorneys will be ready for any challenges.

“I’m confident that we’re on the right side of the constitution,” the mayor said. “We’ve got a lot of smart attorneys that have been working with us, and a lot of organizations, and we’ll continue to push ahead.”

The Second Amendment has been under attack in California for decades, and it doesn’t look like that is going to stop anytime soon. With the growing burden being put on law-abiding gun owners in the state, it has become increasingly difficult for people to defend themselves against crime, which is skyrocketing in pretty much every Democrat-controlled state, including California. The supposed purpose of these gun control laws are to make the state safer, but they will likely have the opposite effect.

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