This Evil Couple Was Charged with Abusing Their Infant Twins

An Alabama couple, 19-year-old Jordan Lanie Swenson and 20-year-old Marion Austin Dycus, were the proud parents of twins but what they did to those babies shows just how evil the young parents were.

Three months after. bringing the infants home the couple brought them back to the hospital. It was then that authorities were alerted to the condition. of the babies. Now, the couple is going to prison after what was found on the children’s tiny little bodies.

Jordan Lanie Swenson and Marion Austin Dycus with their twins
Jordan Lanie Swenson (left) and Marion Austin Dycus (right) with the babies right after their birth, before leaving the hospital (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The arrest warrants of the couple detailed the mistreatment the newborns endured. According to the records, the parents began to “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat, or otherwise willfully maltreat the child(ren) by causing physical injury which created the substantial risk of death on multiple occasions.”

Both infants’ little bodies were covered in deep, dark bruises, mainly on their heads and faces. The baby girl was suffering from respiratory failure. She also had suffered bite marks on her face. Her brother’s condition wasn’t much better as he suffered broken ribs.

The little girl also suffered from a torn frenulum, which is the fold of skin in the mouth found under the tongue or between the lip and gum. Medical personnel say that this unusual injury could be caused by excessive screaming and prolonged crying.

Jordan Lanie Swenson and Marion Austin Dycus with their twins
Jordan Lanie Swenson while pregnant (Photo Credit: Facebook)

When the children were taken to the hospital medical staff were shocked. The bite mark on the little girl’s face was plainly visible, in addition to finding her to be in severe respiratory distress.

Both children had heavy bruising on their heads and face areas. The hospital staff did their duty and reported the couple who had been disgustingly abusing their newborn twins.

Jordan Swenson and Marion Dycus were taken into custody. They were each booked and held on $1 million bonds. If found guilty of what they are accused of, we can only pray they never see the light of day again.


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