TV Show Host Face Plants LIVE

Joy Behar apparently forgot how chairs work and introduced her face to the stage floor in spectacular fashion during a recent shooting of “The View”.

In video footage from the live daytime show, the 79-year-old co-host was actually seen falling face-first before shifting to her side, before her similarly ancient fellow co-hosts hobbled over to help her to her feet.

“Come on just stop, just stand,” laughed Whoopi Goldberg.

“Twenty-five years that has never happened to me,” Behar said, adding, “Who do I sue?”

An Ode to Joy

While Behar is actually stated to be simply great after her stumble, the problem amassed mixed reactions on social media, mostly along party lines.

Behar is familiar with making headlines, for better or for worse. Only recently, she was castigated  for complaining that Russia’s attack on Ukraine may disrupt her plan to holiday in Italy. The previous week, Behar was actually caught maskless in public after declaring she’d continue wearing her face-diaper consistently, regardless of whether the CDC revises their ‘guidance‘. So yes… in this case go ahead and get a cheap laugh.

H/T TheBlaze 

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