Ukrainian Man Proves Miracles Still Happen

Videos of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian people are going viral by the minute. World War 3 feels closer than ever as people around the world watch in real-time the Ukrainian People fight a war against Russia with very little help from the outside world. Yet, even amidst the destruction of war Miracles still happen.

Miracles Gone Viral

War is devastating for the people involved in it and can bring out the worst in people. This has recently been shown to be true as a video from Ukraine depicting a Russian tank crushing a civilian car has gone viral.

That may not sound like much at first, tanks obviously can run over cars, we see that in action movies all the time but what you don’t see is the elderly gentleman driving the said car.

The horror is brought to life as you watch the recording. A Russian tank is heading up the highway while a civilian car rushing in the opposite direction. Those driving the Tank make a quick and obvious decision as they turn a precise ninety degrees to cross multiple lanes and crush the car.

In an inhuman act of evil, the Tank then reverses and goes over the car again. This was not a deliberate military strategy to save Russian troops, no it was a sick heinous act to kill just to kill.

Yet, there can still be hope in such devastation. The BBC has recently shared another video of the same incident. This time highlights the best of humanity as Ukrainians emerge from their hiding places to help the poor soul trapped within the crushed remains of a car. The men on the road use crowbars, hammers, and whatever tools are available to pry open the door of a car where an elderly gentleman is trapped.

Miraculously the elderly man is alive. At this time we do not know the state of his condition or if he survived after being freed from the tangled metal that was once his family’s vehicle. However, we do know the miracle of the human spirit. How one lone old man faced a Russian military Tank alone, and how his fellow Ukrainians braved the open to rescue him from the damaged remains of his car.



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