We Just Caught Dems in Another MASSIVE Scandal [Details]

The group ‘Accountability Virginia PAC’, an organization that is operated via ACTBlue, the leftist aligned fundraising platform, is masquerading as a Conservative group to manipulate the gubernatorial election in the latest scandal to rock Virginia. The group appears to have the goal of driving a wedge between Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin and the grassroots GOP base by targeting his lack of focus on Second Amendment messaging. However, as Fox News reports, “While Youngkin has not made gun rights a major issue in his campaign, he’s said he’s a gun owner and a lifetime member of the NRA.”

An Axios report has revealed that the PAC ” was incorporated in Virginia by compliance consultants at the MBA Consulting Group, which works uniformly with Democrats.” and strike two:”ads on Snapchat were purchased by Gambit Strategies, a firm founded this year by the Biden presidential campaign’s digital director and the former head of Democratic super PAC Priorities USA.” While neither MBA Consultants or Gambit would comment, the prima facie evidence is pretty damning.


A Dishonorable Tactic, A Scandal Apropos A Dying Campaign

Despite only a lukewarm relationship with President Trump at best, Youngkin has been able to forge unity in the Virginia GOP and that seems to absolutely terrify Democrat Terry McAuliffe who has seen a chill in voter response following term-limited Gov. Ralph Northam’s ignominious history of recent scandals, up to and including advocating for after-birth abortion on live radio.

The Democrat has watched his polling lead collapse to a tawdry 7 points with 9% of voters undecided and a margin of error of 4% +/-. Police and military call that feeling a “pucker-factor”. McAuliffe and VA Democrats are definitely feeling the squeeze and clinging to Biden’s coattails is a recipe for disaster to court the moderates.

The poll found,

“Half of likely voters (50%) approve of the way President Joe Biden his handling his job and 45% disapprove. Biden’s approval rating has remained relatively stable, but disapproval has been rising in each Roanoke College Poll since he took office. Biden’s favorable/unfavorable rating is 51%/46%. Just over one-third (35%) of respondents think the country is headed in the right direction, while 58% think the country is on the wrong track. “

And the middle of the moderate polls is where MacAulliffe seems to be stuck, but Youngkin is forging ahead and Democrats can’t stop him.

“McAuliffe’s favorable rating is 50% while his unfavorable is 37% with 13% unsure or not knowing enough to have an opinion. Youngkin is at 40%/41% favorable/unfavorable (both numbers up significantly in a month), while 20% of likely voters still don’t have an opinion about him.”

So instead, they’ve switched to scandal, subterfuge and trickery to sow erosion in Virginia’s largely rural and Blue Ridge GOP base… which probably won’t end well for them.

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