Anti Socialist MAGA Patriot Announces 2022 Senate Run

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio is planning his retirement from the US Senate and the race to fill his open seat is already underway. Ohio businessman and Car Dealership owner Bernie Moreno has announced his candidacy for the US Senate. Moreno is clearly an America-First Republican, his campaign saying that he “is running to stop the socialist agenda, protect the gains made by President Donald J. Trump and protect the American dream.”

Moreno’s website calls out three main points of his candidacy immediately:

  • Stop Socialism.
  • End Cancel Culture.
  • Term Limits.

A MAGA Patriot Who Knows The Danger of a Socialist State

Mr. Moreno was born in Columbia and emigrated to America where he built a chain of successful car dealerships. He has since sold off several of them. But his South American heritage provided Moreno with a unique understanding of the dangers of socialism which have devastated neighboring Venezuela under the iron grip of Che Guevara and noe Nicholas Maduro. He wrote,


“The only way we save this country is if people from outside the rigged system step in. We have to stop socialism, attacks on our liberty, cancel culture, and corruption. The career politicians won’t stand up to the radical left. I will. That’s what I believe, and that’s why I’m running. If that interests you at all, then let’s keep talking.”

In his campaign launch video Moreno says, “I came from a country surrounded by the ideology of radicals like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, who promised to give everyone all they needed and solve all their problems — just like Bernie Sanders and AOC are doing today,”

“If we’re going to protect this country from the socialist left, and keep this precious idea built on the concept of freedom, then we need outsiders who back up their words with action.”

In an interview with WKYC 3News reporter Mark Naymik Moreno said that President Trump is “100% right on immigration.” he pledged,

  • To take no corporate PAC money.
  • Strong support for term limits.
  • To crack down on China.
  • To protect the victories of Donald J. Trump.
  • To fight back against cancel culture’s attempts to silence conservatives.

The Ohio car magnate concluded his announcement by saying “Buckle up, Ohio,” Moreno said. “We’re just getting started.” A nice play on words for a man who made his money slinging cars, but in light of his impressive platform perhaps a good pun can be forgiven. In the ongoing battle to retake the US Congress Mr. Moreno should fit in nicely, we need patriots who understand the dangers of devolving into a socialist wasteland.




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