Breaking: Biden Suddenly Cancels

At the last minute, Imperial Leader Joe Biden suddenly canceled his scheduled appearance in Chicago, where he was expected to defend his heavy handed vaccine mandate. Things have reached such a crisis level at the palace in recent days that His Wisdom has to stay behind and slap around some renegade Democrats.

Biden doing damage control

Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. himself has been forced to personally deal with the rebellious centrist DINOs running around the Senate like Velociraptors.

Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin of West Virginia are the only things standing in the way of Democrat global domination.

Aides had Marine One staged on the Palace lawn, all set to whisk His Wisdom off to Chicago. That’s when he came out to tell reporters he wouldn’t be going after all. Things at the office were way too pressing to get away just now, Biden explained.

A spokesunit for the Ministry of Propaganda added that, “in meetings and calls over the weekend and through today,” the imperial leader has been “engaging with members of Congress” to grease through the $3.5 trillion unilateral Democrat pork package and it’s bipartisan infrastructure scheme rider. “He will now remain at the White House tomorrow to continue working on advancing these two pieces of legislation.”

The biggest thing Biden is doing with the highly optical rescheduling of priorities is an attempt to keep radically liberal progressives from panic. He’s afraid Antifa® will activate their Black Lives Matter™ forces and burn D.C. to the ground. He can’t set up fences or call out the National Guard to stop that if it happens because only deplorable Trump supporters are capable of insurrection.

“There is a strong feeling that progress is being made. Our big gun is staying here.” Getting the pork package through and raising Uncle Sam’s credit card limit are a lot more important than Covid shots, the palace admits.

Renagade DINO traitors

Joe Biden and the rabidly socialist “progressives” on the far-left of the Democrat party never thought that they would have the same problem which they intentionally created for Republicans. The Democrat Party has been infiltrated by conservative sleeper cells like Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

They’ve both come out of the closet as Democrat In Name Only DINOs. They refuse to drink the Kool Aid unless they understand the reasons why. That drives the New World Order nuts.

Sinema has been summoned for personal audiences at the Imperial Palace for a whopping “10 official meetings” since this summer. Manchin has been getting some personal face time with His Wisdom as well.

Biden and the Democrat leadership are flustered because they can’t get their heads around why fellow Democrats who “hold the key” to their party’s “agenda and potentially the fate of her party’s chances in next year’s midterm elections” would hold it hostage.

CNN frantically writes that “anxiety is growing that the party could see the entirety of the agenda collapse amid deepening disputes between their warring moderate and progressive wings.”

The Imperial Palace is “keenly aware of the dynamic, with Sinema holding a meeting with Biden and then two separate meetings with the President’s top aides on Tuesday alone — and Manchin also getting face time with the President for more than an hour.” Bernie Sanders sums it up. “I don’t want to talk about Sinema and Manchin. Talk to them.”

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