With ‘The DON’ Out Of The Way, N.K. THREATENS…

Now that the Deep State hit job on “the Don” is over and the conservative purge of social media is well underway, Kim Jong Un told Joe Biden he’s going to start playing with his rockets again. As soon as he heard about the chaos in Washington, and the news that Mike Pompeo, who scares the heck out of him, will be soon out of the picture, he “threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal.”

The ‘Don’ got whacked by the Deep State

President Donald Trump certainly tried to run his administration in the Machiavellian style of a mafia “Don,” but alas his “family” wasn’t as loyal as they seemed. Americans elected him specifically to take charge as a bold and decisive administrator.

Trump is exactly the kind of passionate patriot who the founding fathers had in mind when they created the job description of president in the first place. The corruption of the swamp turned out to be far worse than anyone expected.

With the Don recovering on political life support from the traitorous  attack Wednesday, his loyal followers are going to the mattresses for what’s now turned into a social media war. Casualties including cartoonist Ben Garrison and Democrat DINO Brandon Straka who heads up the “WalkAway” movement targeting unhappy moderates, have already been censored out of existence.

Kim Jong Un sees a perfect opportunity to push Joe Biden around. When Kim sat down for a key meeting with his party officials this week, he bragged about a whole list of “high-tech weapons systems under development.” He was grinning from ear to ear that his friend Don won’t be in charge of those pesky sanctions which have had his subjects eating grass.

He’s okay as long as he’s passing out cheeseburgers but Trump kept insisting that Kim dismantle his nuclear program. That wasn’t going to happen if he could help it. Now, Biden should be easy to intimidate. He can’t even remember what city he’s in.

The fate of relations

The “fate of relations with the United States,” Kim declared, depends on whether “it abandons its hostile policy.” In other words back down or else. Don Trump wouldn’t put up with that for a second, Pompeo would have paratroopers dropping in on his palace.

Biden underestimates the sneaky North Korean, dismissing him as a “thug.” He has vocally criticized Trump in the past for attempting to make some sort of deal with the Hermit Kingdom.

Kim Jong Un wasted no time reminding everyone in his country that the United States is still their “main enemy,” no matter who is in charge. “Whoever takes office in the U.S., its basic nature and hostile policy will never change.”

The Don will hand over the keys to the White House on January 20 and promises to leave peacefully.

Likewise, Kim promises that “he won’t use his nuclear weapons first unless threatened.” He’s also open to sitting down for cheeseburgers again. As long as he can keep building and testing nuclear missiles with a range that can hit places like Los Angeles.

Don was against the idea but Joe might be intimidated into letting North Korea “strengthen its military and nuclear capability.”

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