A Road so Haunted it’s Closed at Night

The road is dark and lonely. Mist blankets the ground making your view out the windshield all the more precarious. Moonlight illuminates the rural country that boards the ribbon of asphalt you travel down; Only to be snuffed out by a rolling cloud making the depths of the forest and fields beyond your headlights all the darker.

A flash of movement and a figure emerges from the mist: A hitchhiker. Do you stop? The car slows as you ease your foot off the gas, and the tires scrape against loose gravel as you pull over. It’s a woman. She opens your back passenger door. The interior of the car grows cold. The hairs on your arm stand up on end. She gives directions to her destination, but you know. That place has been gone a long time. You look in your review mirror to the back seat, but nothing is there. She is gone.

Is There Truth to Road Side Ghost Stories?

As Halloween grows near, the old tried but true ghost stories begin to appear to titillate our senses. But what if ghost stories have some truth to back them up?


The residents around a 5-mile strip of asphalt called Whiskey Hollow Road in Baldwinsville, a county suburb of Syracuse NY, would say the supernatural was all around.

According to legend Whiskey Hollow Road has been the location for many satanic rituals and KKK lynchings. The victims of these dark deeds being the innocent lives of children. Their spirits are said to be trapped in the place they lost their too-short lives. Some say small handprints appear in the dust that coats your car after driving down the road at night. Others claim they have seen the evidence of the satanic left behind.

Whiskey Hollow Road may be one of the most haunted locations in America, at least in New York. For the locals, it’s a teenage right of passage to drive the road at night. Becoming an adult takes courage, so where better to grow than the challenge of a haunted road trip in the middle of the night.

Would you drive Whiskey Hollow Road?

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