Another Two Obama Members INDICTED

Another Two Obama Members INDICTED

Two more corrupt politicians connected to former President Barack Obama have been indicted on bribery charges. Chicago Alderman Carrie M. Austin and her chief of staff are facing a federal indictment alleging that they conspired to receive home improvements from construction contractors seeking city assistance for a development project in the South Side Ward that Austin controls.

Austin, who is also the Vice Chair of the Chicago City Council Committee on Committees, Rules, and Ethics, was a Delegate for President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.

ABC 7 reports:

“Austin, 72, is now one of three sitting members of the City Council under federal indictment, along with Ed Burke and Patrick Daley Thompson.

The latest in a string of federal public corruption charges also means the City Council’s two most senior members are under federal indictment. Austin, who was appointed in 1994, is second in seniority to Burke, hit with a racketeering indictment two years ago.”

It’s no surprise to most people that Chicago has so many politicians under federal indictment, as the Democrat-controlled city is known for its corruption. Based on data from the Justice Department, a report shows that Chicago had nearly 1800 public corruption convictions between 1976 and 2019. From that data, the report concludes that it is “the most corrupt city in the US.”

Austin is being charged with one count of bribery conspiracy, two counts of using interstate facilities to promote bribery, and one count of lying to the FBI. Austin’s chief of staff, Chester Wilson Jr., 55, has been charged with bribery conspiracy, two counts of using interstate facilities to promote bribery, and one count of theft of government funds. Their arraignments have not yet been set.

The indictment revolves around a planned $50 million residential development in Austin’s ward. In 2016, the owner of the construction company that proposed the development allegedly bribed the two corrupt Democrats with home improvements, furniture, and appliances for Austin’s home and Wilson’s rental properties. These benefits were allegedly provided in order to influence Austin and Wilson.

According to the feds, a contractor on the project paid an invoice for $5,250 in June 2017 to pay for part of the cost of kitchen cabinets in Austin’s home, while falsely claiming that the cabinets were for the development. One month later, Austin also allegedly accepted a contractor’s offer to buy two “brand new” and “expensive” sump pumps, and agreed to have a relative of the contractor purchase and install a new dehumidifier.

Austin’s ward office was raided by federal agents on June 19, 2019. That same day, she allegedly lied to the FBI by denying that she had received anything from the project developer other than a cake.

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