Biden Breaks Congressional Mandate, Refuses to Tell the Truth

Congressional GOP leaders are incensed after the Biden-Harris administration decided over the Christmas break that they will simply refuse to comply with a legal mandate to disclose precisely how relieving sanctions from Iran will impact the terrorist state’s ability to finance terrorism. Republican leaders in Congress who wrote the requirement into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) designed the requirement to force the White House to provide hard data on “how the easing of sanctions enriches Tehran’s terrorist allies, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthi rebels in Yemenaccording to The Washington Free Beacon.

During the Christmas holiday, historically the best time to release something you want to hide from the American people, (See: The Sixteenth Amendment, which created the modern Income Tax) the Biden-Harris regime issued a statement, saying that Biden “would not fully obey” the reporting provision of the NDAA that requires him to account for every single dollar that Iran will receive due to sanctions against them being lifted. Their excuse? That this information would “include highly sensitive classified information, including information that could reveal critical intelligence sources or military operational plans.”

Desperate for any kind of foreign policy victory to help his abysmal polling numbers Joe Biden is rushing back to the bargaining table with Iran by waiving sanctions relief and monetary payments in front of them. Interestingly, Biden’s waiver in the NDAA would also apply to providing Congress with an accurate accounting of the equipment, classified or not that was abandoned in Afghanistan or any information on joint operations between US Intelligence Agencies…. and the Taliban.


Congressional Republicans React To Biden’s Illegal Action

“President Biden thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He thinks he can ignore a statute that mandates he tell Congress how much money he’s sending to terrorists,” Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) told The Washington Free Beacon “Well, he better be ready in 2023. House conservatives will hold him accountable to the law.”

Banks’ threat of accountability seems to imply an impeachment in Biden’s near future once the GOP retakes control of Congress.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), originating author of the NDAA reporting provision rejected Biden’s actions and also warned against the unprecedentedly direct act of defiance from the Executive branch.

“President Biden is taking dangerous actions by going all in to restore the failed Iran nuclear deal. He now appears to be going so far as to wager Israel as a bargaining chip,” Jackson said. “I will not stand for this and will be working with my colleagues to do everything we can to stand with Israel and counter Iran’s malign behavior.”

“Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. At a time when this administration is choosing to actively negotiate with them, the least they can do is provide Congress with the necessary information regarding Iranian activity and follow the letter of the law,” Congressman Pat Fallon (R-TX), another main sponsor of the Iran reporting statute, explained.

“President Biden and his advisers are choosing to ignore the law and abuse the classification of intelligence. This is unacceptable and I urge this administration to reconsider their claims.”

In this action surmounting all others to date, Biden has placed his administration on a direct collision course with GOP Congressional leaders that will only end with him submitting to the law, or suffering impeachment. In the interim, the next step would appear to be Congress taking Biden to the Supreme Court in order to compel him to obey the law.

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