This RINO Decides to Finally Fall in Line With the Republican Party

The Biden-Harris regime has done something truly incredible, something that even the most conservative Republicans and the most leftist Democrats must stand back and admire, awestruck.

The Democrat-Socialists running our government since the dubious 2020 Election found a line that even consummate RINO Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) won’t cross.

Even Collins won’t bend the knee to Biden and give her blessing to the Waco conspiracy theory hawking, grossly anti-Second Amendment extremist nominee for ATF Director David Chipman.

Even Collins has been forced to fall back in line with the rest of the Republican party, rejecting the most insanely absurd nominee Biden has presented ( with Deb Haaland and Tracy Stone-Manning that’s saying something.).

Fox News, reported on Collin’s explanation,

“After meeting with Mr. Chipman, listening to Mainers, and reviewing his record, I have decided to vote against Mr. Chipman’s nomination to serve as the ATF Director,” Collins, R-Maine, said in a statement. “In recent years, Mr. Chipman has been an outspoken critic of the firearms industry and has made statements that demean law-abiding gun owners.”

Collins added: “Although he has the right to express his views, I believe this history makes him an unusually divisive pick for this important position.  In particular, I am concerned that his confirmation would do significant damage to the collaborative working relationship that must exist between ATF, the firearms industry, sportsmen and women, and other law-abiding gun owners exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

Undermining the Second Amendment Is Career Suicide–Even For a RINO

Senator Collins knows that even her moderate state of Maine, the northeastern tip of America, is heavily forested and populated by outdoorsmen, hunters, and sport shooters aplenty.

The state has recently had multiple cities and counties even declare themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries. This makes erosion of her constituent’s Second Amendment rights a lethal third-rail for her, she dare not support any legislation or nomination that could potentially endanger it as it would inevitably mean an immediate primary challenge and almost certain defeat.

Without RINO Collin’s crucial vote Chipman’s nomination seems to be down to a 50/50 party-line vote requiring a tie-breaker from Kamala Harris by warrant of her role as President of the Senate.

Once again the vote will come down to the de facto most powerful man in America Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). According to, “Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), a “swing” vote for Democrats, has not yet indicated whether or not he will support Chipman’s confirmation.” The Second Amendment rights of our people could hinge on the decision of one man.


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