Job Killing Joe Makes New Challenges for Energy Industry

You’ve heard about the the unbelievable tax hikes and the COVID19 lockdowns, but those are just the beginning. Job killing Joe is making whole new challenges for the Energy Industry. Here are just a few of those new challenges that are wrecking havoc on America’s energy independence (and driving up those gas prices).

Terminating The Keystone XL Pipeline

The Biden-Harris regime’s ‘Back-door’ strategy to getting the “Biden Plan” instead of the “Green New Deal” to which it bears remarkable resemblance began with revoking the permits for the Keystone XL pipeline put in place by President Trump, this functioned to immediately put over 1,000 construction workers on the unemployment lines and sparked a legal battle with over 20 Attorneys General joining the suit against the White House’s interference on the grounds that they’ve exceeded the President’s authority.

Appointing an Environmental Extremist Interior Secretary

Where the President cannot use his own authority, he’ll place others who will carry out his radical agenda. That now includes the post of Interior Secretary which he filled with former Congresswoman Deb Haaland. Now Secretary Haaland made a name for herself in extreme leftist circles in 2016 by supporting the violent riots by “Water Protectors” against the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL.

Senator Cyntia Lummis warned about the “radical climate agenda the Congresswoman has vocally supported” joining her colleague Sen. Daines of Montana saying,

“The White House’s very first action in implementing their climate change agenda is on track to cost my home state a whopping $13 billion in revenue. I shudder to think what their next action will cost us. Especially with department heads committed to blindly enacting the Biden agenda without consideration for the extraordinary impacts it will continue to have on energy states like Wyoming”  Forbes reported.

Pausing Federal Drilling Leases

According to Ohio affiliate Local 27 WKBN,

“Next, came the moratorium on new oil and gas development on federal lands. While people may not think of Ohio and Pennsylvania when thinking about public lands, there are national forests in both states.

In addition to Biden’s moratorium, a federal judge recently ordered for new fracking and leasing activity to be put on hold in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest until a review can be done on the environmental impacts of the practice.”

All of this coming as the Biden camp repeatedly shouts they are NOT banning fracking and summoning legions of so-called “fact-checkers” to shut down all online dissent on the matter. Their “pause” is little more than a back-door ban, because it is an indefinite delay that sows uncertainty in the marketplace, a death sentence for businesses.

“All that uncertainty drives changes,” said Mike Chadsey, public relations director with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. “It can impact a lot of different things. That’s not what our folks are looking for. They’re looking for regulatory, certainty.”

Ending American Energy Export

The Biden-Harris regime’s ultimate goal is to tether the United States irrevocably into the global community and forcing us down the road of globalism, the green new deal and the great reset. In order to accomplish these things America cannot be energy independent. Period. The complete destruction of our domestic energy production has been the Democrats agenda for decades. Just remember President Obama told us over a decade ago that “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”. Joe Biden is following down the same path by demanding a carbon-neutral America by 2050.

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