Inmates Saw Guard Being Attacked, Watch What They Did Next!

In an organized, premeditated prison attack in Florida, a prisoner cinched a pillowcase around the throat of a guard and choked her from behind, as caught on surveillance video.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office stated that in their online records, 42-year-old Bridgette Lee Harvey of Spring Hill was charged with aggravated battery on an officer with a weapon to cause great bodily harm, the introduction of contraband into a detention facility, and two counts of escape from confinement.

Harvey approached Deputy Lillian Jimenez around 1 a.m. EDT on June 7 , according to a press release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at the Falkenburg Road Jail’s women’s pod, and claimed that another prisoner required aid.

In a report by the Tampa Bay Times:

 When Jimenez was checking on inmate April Christina Colvin, 37, of Brandon, in the women’s lavatory, Harvey allegedly approached her, threw a pillowcase around her neck, and attempted to choke her.

Sheriff’s office, Jimenez was able to use her radio to call other deputies for help. Several other inmates came to Jimenez’s aid and removed the pillowcase while freeing her from Harvey’s grip, the sheriff’s office said in its news release.

The incident was captured by one of the jail’s surveillance cameras.

“While these inmates put our deputy in danger, there were others who did the right thing by coming to her aid, and for that, I am grateful,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said in the release. “Thanks to the quick response of our Emergency Response Team and the inmates who showed compassion to help our deputy, a dire situation turned into the safe rescue of Deputy Jimenez.” The inmates who helped were praised on the sheriff’s office Facebook page. “May your courage and bravery be noticed,” Chaleeta Mullins wrote.

The Washington Post highlighted the heroic actions of the prisoners who intervened to save Jiminez’s life:

“The inmates who sprang into action have received an outpouring of accolades after the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office posted a video of the incident.

“Bravo to the inmates that jumped to help!” a woman commented on Facebook. “May your courage and bravery be noticed.”

One of the inmates who intervened was Mary Jean, who also rescued another deputy during an attack five months ago, Fox13 reported. Though left with a broken hand after the recent incident, Jean was recognized with a pizza party and Coca-Cola, her attorney, Denitsa Kolev, told the outlet.

“She had no reason to do this, to jump in and save a deputy while she’s an inmate,” Kolev told Fox13. “It shows she really is a good person.”

Watch it here: Facebook/Video


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