Crucial Special Election Race Called in Florida

Radical leftist Democrat Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick will replace the deceased Democrat Congressman Alcee Hastings representing the 20th district of Florida after running what was largely considered a lay-up special election in a heavily Democrat favored district that will require her to defend her seat in only ten months time. The only part of this that really makes it a story of note is what Cherfilus-McCormick promised her constituents in order to buy…er… win their votes. She straight-up promised $1,000 per month for all Americans… forever. Not to mention she ran by milking her ‘participation’ with her minor daughter in a BLM riot that required a police response to break up.

The New Rep. From Florida: A Democrat-Socialist Bent On Wealth Redistribution

Once upon a time, it was a bit of a rhetorical device to say that Democrats just buy their votes by promising people freebies but rarely has it been this naked, this direct. Clothed in COVID19 relief Cherfilus-McCormick has proposed blatant redistribution of wealth she calls her “Peoples Prosperity Plan” including a national minimum wage increase to $20/hr., Medicare for all, the ‘Green New Deal’ and of course: the outright bribery of the voter, the massive wealth redistribution program she calls her “$1,000 a month #guaranteeincome program” funded by a Wealth Tax on the “Ultra-Wealthy”. In short, Florida just sent a socialist to Congress. As her tweet below shows, the Florida Democrat supports the plan of Senator Elizabeth Warren to tax “Ultra-millionaires” like Warren Buffett IN THE BILLIONS.


Why doesn’t anyone ever answer the question of what happens when the super-wealthy like Buffett make the utilitarian decision to leave the country and take their fortunes with them? Wasn’t anyone paying attention when Mark Zuckerberg gave up his American citizenship in 2012?

Benjamin Franklin said when people find they can vote themselves moneythat will herald the end of the republic.

“We know what was the difference. We had a message for the people and we fought for the people. We were on the ground. We were knocking on doors. We employed the people – most of money went towards stimulating the economy and believing in the people,” Cherfilus-McCormick said.

With Democrat-Socialists like Cherfilus-McCormick entrusted to be the voice of the people, we appear to indeed be in the dangerous times that the architects of our nation foresaw and sought desperately to prevent.

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