Biden Minion Lands in Hot Seat for Deceiving the American People

 Tracy Stone-Manning the latest of the Biden-Harris regime’s nominations tapped to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is facing severe scrutiny as a prominent Senator revealed that she has been “intentionally trying to deceive” the Senate as well as the American people about her criminal past. There can be no softening of this single point: Tracy Stone-Manning is an eco-terrorist, that alone should disqualify her completely, but the damning lie, her actions deceiving the American people absolutely must.

Caught Deceiving the American People

The Daily Caller initially reported on Stone-Manning’s shocking past. They revealed that in 1989 she sent an anonymous threatening letter to the Forest service. One of the Federal agencies which if her nomination were approved, she would oversee. They wrote, “The letter warned that a local forest in Idaho set to be logged had been sabotaged with tree spikes, according to the documents.”

“P.S. You bastards go in there anyway and a lot of people could get hurt,” the letter stated.

Stone-Manning received legal immunity in exchange for her testimony in a 1993 criminal trial according to The Daily Caller. It is highly likely that with the evidence against her, the life-long leftist would’ve been convicted had she not flipped on her fellow eco-terrorists.


Fox News reported,

“Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee ranking member John Barrasso, R-Wyo., accused Biden’s BLM director nominee Tracy Stone-Manning of “intentionally trying to deceive” the committee when she said in a questionnaire that she had never been the target of a law enforcement investigation. ”

“It’s clear that Ms. Stone-Manning was intentionally trying to deceive the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources,” Barrasso said on Thursday. “She told the committee she had never been the subject of an investigation and yet complained about being investigated in the press.”

“President Biden should withdraw her nomination,”

Senator Barrasso further released a statement laying out his more recent and still very serious concerns about Stone-Manning.

“Based on her record, I am concerned that Ms. Stone-Manning does not fit the bill. 

“Her career has been defined by her support for policies that restrict multiple-use activities on public lands.” 

“On Twitter and in other public forums, she has expressed views that threaten the livelihoods of energy producers, ranchers, farmers, loggers, and others with a stake in the responsible use of our natural resources.  

“She opposes an ‘American energy dominance’ agenda.” 

“She supports prohibiting oil and gas development on federal lands and waters.”  

“Perhaps most troubling is Ms. Stone-Manning’s unvarnished political partisanship. 

The Difference Between “far-left, extreme environmental nominees” and a “far-left, extreme, VIOLENT environmental nominee”

Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) put it very succinctly as he asked that Stone-Manning be disqualified from consideration, noting that even former Obama-appointed head of the Bureau of Land Management Bob Abbey has called for her name to be withdrawn.

Sullivan said,

“It is one thing for this administration to put forward far-left, extreme environmental nominees. It is quite another to put forward a far-left, extreme, violent environmental nominee, and that is what she is,”

A far-leftist, environmental extremist eco-terrorist who is content to deceive the American people about her felonious past. This is the caliber of person the Biden-Harris regime seeks to install to oversee the American people.



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