Catholic Teacher Becomes Onlyfans Super Star Credits Site for Her Bisexual Awakening

We live in a pleasure-seeking society where self-control is not only bad but considered evil. Onlyfans superstar Courtney Tillia is a true example of society’s downfall.

Courtney earns 50K to 100K a month by making explicit content with her husband on the Only Fans site. She American beauty started on the site during the pandemic when the catholic school she worked for shut down during quarantine.


What this Onlyfans Super Star has to Say

Her popularity on the site skyrocketed when she, and her husband, decided to collaborate with other female Only Fans content creators. She opened up about her Catholic past and how creating sexual content on the Onlyfans site has awakened her Bisexuality:

“I was traumatized by religion. But, Onlyfans has been a great catalyst for me to heal my religious trauma and release the judgment and shame so that who I really am could come forward.

“I had so much judgment and shame around my body, my expression, wanting and getting attention, loving sex, and even my orientation! Religion shut me down, and OnlyFans cracked me wide open.

“Being on Onlyfans has required me to face my trauma and look at all of the parts and truths about me that had been suppressed and hidden. I’m so thankful for who it has allowed me to become.

“When you’re creating sexy content and considering collaborating with other girls for the platform, it creates a lot of internal conflict between what feels so good and natural and what you were conditioned with by religion and society in general.”

Faith and Self

She isn’t completely wrong. Religion can have a bad rap due to legalism and controlling people who leave a bad taste in the mouth. What is hard for people to understand is that Christians are sinners too. They make mistakes and misinterpret the gospel that they are supposed to reflect on to the world.

But thankfully God gives us grace through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. A spirit that continually works on us and grows us our whole lives long. Just because one person of faith or church left a bad taste in our mouths doesn’t mean that Jesus is wrong or bad. He is the ultimate good but we cannot comprehend that without a relationship with Him. We need to be willing to soak up the word and get to know Him, and not rely on what we are told about Him.

Courtney is acting on what she thinks is best for herself. But it is an action on what feels good in this moment in time. The consequences of her, and her husbands, actions are numerous but only time will tell if they benefit her or not.

Onlyfans is a DIY porn site and whatever content you put up there remember this: It may feel good now but those pictures will affect your future: Work, relationships, and your family and children’s lives. It is not just you who will face the consequences of your actions.

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