Chinese President is Seriously ILL, Refusing Treatment

We’ve received confirmation from multiple reports that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping was previously diagnosed with a brain aneurysm back in 2021 and has since refused surgery to focus on using “traditional Chinese medicine.”

News Agency ANI has identified reports that the dictator has willingly chosen to be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in an attempt to soften the blood vessels and shrink the aneurysm.

In a similar fashion, Vladimir Putin is also reportedly sick and suspected of having cancer. However, the difference is that the Chinese dictator has opted out of conventional medicine.

It seems that with Xi Jinping refusing proven treatments, there is the slight possibility of a change of direction coming soon for China, which would allow India, one of China’s most important economic rivals, an opportunity for growth.

Speculations began to arise once the Jinping began skipping meetings with foreign leaders since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak until the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Most notably, during a public speech at Shenzhen in 2020, the Chinese leader raised a few eyebrows due to his late appearance, slowed speech, and coughing spree. A aneurysm is caused by a ballooning appearing in a weakened area of the blood vessel wall in the brain.

Here’s what DailyMail reported regarding the aneurysm:

He is thought to have been rushed to hospital late last year after doctors spotted a bulging blood vessel in his brain.

Addressing a crowd in Shenzhen during the first Covid wave in 2020, observers noted his slow speech and coughing.

While visiting Italy in March 2019, Xi was pictured with a noticeable limp and needing help while trying to sit down.

100 Percent Fedup commented further:

China’s response to its own virus was the blueprint for some of the most authoritarian lockdowns around the world, with people being sealed into their apartments, forcibly relocated into detention centers, and their pets being exterminated. There is a certain level of irony to the leader of a country that “concerned” with “public health” refusing real treatments for a life-threatening condition.

Meanwhile, an update on Vladimir Putin’s health: According to an oligarch close to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is supposed to be “very ill with blood cancer.” An ailment that some believe will result in a coup to remove him from power–a coup that was unthinkable to experts just months before the war in Ukraine kicked off.

With two of the most powerful autocrats in the world reportedly suffering from grave health ailments, the balance of power outside of the western world may be thrown into disarray.

Sources: 100percentfedup, Daily Mail, ANI


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