Claims of Fraud Swirl Ahead of Recall Election [Details]

Today is the big day where California voters decide if Gavin Newsom is a nuisance or worth keeping. Either way, the cloud of election fraud hangs over the outcome. Americans aren’t going to trust the sanctity and security of the ballot box for a long time to come.

Election fraud questions

A quick scan of the current standings on Gavin Newsom and his recall chances reveals a level of paranoid censorship on the part of the network media which indicates he must not be doing well. Republican Larry Elder stands favored to replace Newsom if his vote of confidence doesn’t go to the left.

Republicans are a lot more nervous about the outcome than they should be. They’re begging every card carrying Republican to get to the poll and cast a ballot but they also suspect fraud. Conservatives are already suggesting that “the race was rigged or compromised by misconduct.”

Candidate Elder is rightfully worried that there “might very well be shenanigans, as there were in the 2020 election.”

On his campaign website he conveniently links to the “Stop CA Fraud” website where “people can report suspicious voting activity or sign a petition demanding a special legislative session to investigate.” The election that isn’t even over and they’re signing up in droves.

Those who suggest fraud in the California recall election aren’t alone. Once and Future President Donald Trump wanted to know, “does anybody really believe the California Recall Election isn’t rigged?”

Elder is convinced he can win it anyway, just like Trump (allegedly) did in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Could haunt them

GOP officials, especially the ones with RINO proclivities are nervous that suggesting fraud could come back to haunt them when Elder wins. They admit that the “messaging poses problems.”

Conservatives are “encouraging everyone to vote while also promoting a narrative that California’s election security can’t be trusted.” So what, vote anyway and insist on audits. Tight, stringent audits. Liberals hate those.

Harmeet Dhillon made a video with her husband to explain things to the Hollywood liberals. She’s an attorney so has no problem at all with apparently conflicting paradoxes like that. The couple proudly filmed themselves “showing how they cast ballots by mail and urging everyone to do the same.” At the same time, she admits “she could not say whether California’s election will be safe and secure.”

How many ways can nasty people commit election fraud? She counts them, “detailing numerous problems that she said she and a team of attorneys monitoring the election have witnessed.”

We have election laws for that, if we can actually get them enforced, that is. “There will be a lot of questions and potentially litigation after this election about this sloppy-at-best treatment of people’s ballots and their right to vote,” Dhillon urged.

“I think people have to get out there and vote. We have to document problems, and we have to litigate those problems.” Catch the fraud and eliminate it once and for all.

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