Clear GOP Front Runner Emerges

In Florida’s Thirteenth Congressional District a new front runner has emerged in the early stages of the 2022 campaign. Anna Paulina Luna, with the endorsement of President Donald Trump is soaring ahead in the polls for the 2022 Republican primary with 38% of the vote with none of the other three candidates breaking double digits according to Florida Politics. Congressional District 13 is being targeted by the GOP to replace Democrat Congressman and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist who is resigning to run against the political soliton wave that is Gov. Ron DeSantis. Republicans see this as a golden opportunity to ride a GOP wave in 2022, keeping DeSantis in office and replacing Crist in Congress, effectively rendering him no-factor in the sunshine state’s politics.

President Trump wrote,

“Anna Paulina Luna is a great fighter who is running for Congress in Florida. She is an Air Force veteran who puts America First, unlike her RINO opponents. Anna is committed to strong borders, serving our Veterans, and ensuring Florida’s beautiful coastlines are protected. This is an important race because it is “key” to taking back the House. Anna is a warrior, she is a winner, and it’s time for all America First Republicans to unite behind her strong campaign. Anna has my complete and total endorsement.”

Luna told the press that her alliance with Trump stems from the work he has done to reduce human trafficking, one of the causes that got her into politics in the first place.


“Part of the reason why I’ve been such a vocal supporter of the President is because of my work on human trafficking,” Luna said. “I’ve been following what the President has been doing with that, and really taking charge, I think for the first time in a very long time in U.S. history, on really making this one of the topics of his campaign.”

A Front-Runner In A Redistricting Congressional District

Congressional redistricting has yet to determine the new boundaries of the district which includes St. Petersburg, Largo, and Clearwater, Florida in Pinellas County and Democrats narrowly outnumber Republicans there by about 20,000 people. But a very, very slight realignment by the GOP-dominated Florida legislature could easily flip the district. The State’s redistricting map currently shows CD13 to be 2-6% underpopulated, while neighboring district 16 shows an overpopulation of 10-15%  This could result in the line being redrawn to incorporate some of CD16 into CD13.  District 16 leans Republican with President Trump winning it by 8.1 points in 2020, and the House race going to the GOP by 11%. Strategically speaking, this is one of the best opportunities for Republicans in Florida to impact national politics in 2022 and deprive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of her majority and her gavel.

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