CNN analyst suggests audience reaction to Will Smith's slap is 'psychological case study on how Trump got normalized'

CNN Analyst Makes Startling Connection Between the Reaction of Smith’s Oscars Slap and Trump

A CNN analyst claims that the reaction of the Oscars audience to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is a “psychological case study on how Trump got normalized.”

Asha Rangappa, is a CNN analyst whose Twitter profile states that she also is a former FBI special agent, a Yale faculty member, and a lawyer.

Here’s what Rangappa decided to tweet on Sunday night regarding the aftermath of actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock:

“So did like anyone walk out after that happened??? Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how [former President Donald] Trump got normalized?”

The Blaze writes:

Rangappa — who reportedly bullied and doxxed a 22-year-old female Washington Free Beacon intern in 2020 and called her a “Karen” after Twitter ordered Rangappa to take down the offending post — on Monday morning mocked the notion that she was comparing Smith to Trump.

“The MAGA hate emails have begun, which tells me that the below tweet has made its way to the Breitbart ecosystem,” the CNN analyst tweeted. “The sad part is that they are so stupid they don’t realize I’m not comparing Smith to Trump, I’m comparing the audience to them.”

Rangappa added in a subsequent tweet that she “found the trigger,” a.k.a. a Fox News article about her tweet.

“Seriously, like clockwork — as soon as Fox News, etc. publishes something, I get unhinged, racist, threatening emails flooding my inbox,” she claimed.

Of course, Rangappa wasn’t the only deranged individual to compare the slapping incident and its aftermath to Donald Trump and other sociopolitical forces. The Blaze compiled a list, writing:

  • Shock jock Howard Stern said on his Monday show that “this is how Trump gets away with s**t. Will Smith and Trump are the same guy.”
  • Strategist Steve Schmidt — emphasizing the “power of group psychology” — asked, “Do you want to know how Trump happened? Watch the Oscars and the crowd reaction. The pull to belong is very powerful. Pull to conform to what is happening around you is a powerful tide. Applause for assault in a tuxedo in California is the same as applause for assault while wearing a red hat in Alabama. That was a crime. There was no virtue attached to it. None whatsoever.”
  • CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez tweeted, “Slapping someone is a crime. That’s what Mr. Smith did — on live TV, in public, while being seen across the globe. That the American audience game him a standing ovation after that says a lot about us, our culture … and how Trumpism came to prominence in this country!”
  • Another Twitter user said, “If you’re curious why Germans allowed Hitler to happen, or Americans allowed George W. Bush to lead us into Iraq, or why Russians are allowing Putin to murder Ukrainians….look at how the Oscar crowd and his supporters handled Will Smith tonight.”


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