A Democrat Mega Donor Has Been ARRESTED In Child Porn Bust!

Democrat Mega Donor ARRESTED on Child Pornography Charge

A former gubernatorial candidate and current Democrat mega donor has been arrested on a child pornography charge.

Eliot Cutler, a 75-year-old Democrat mega donor, was arrested on “four counts of unlawfully sexually-explicit material,” according to a tweet from reporter Jackie Mundry.

Some of the children involved were under 12 years old.

Earlier this week, Maine State Police officers searched Cutler’s homes in Portland and Brooklyn but declined to indicate what they were looking for.

In 2010, Cutler ran for governor of Maine as an independent, losing in a close race to Paul LePage, and again in 2014. Cutler is a prominent political figure that has funded Democrats in Maine and elsewhere.

News Center Maine reports:

Foster said police first received a tip in December from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children involving a single photo.

A search of devices this week resulted in at least 10 more files, according to Foster.

Cutler was released on bail Saturday afternoon according to an official with the Hancock County Jail. The bail was set at $50,000. Foster said additional charges are expected.

Cutler’s attorney, Walter McKee was seen visiting his client at the Hancock County Jail Friday. When asked by reporters if he would make bail he responded “$50,000 is a lot of money,” but would not comment further.

Cutler, 75, is best known for running as an independent candidate for governor in 2010 and 2014.

A report from The Post Millennial provided further details, revealing that Cutler has worked in Democrat administrations and made donations to high-profile Democrat politicians. The outlet writes:

The disgraced politician had served in the Carter administration in the late 1970s with the Office of Management and Budget. He has also worked for the office of Maine Sen. Ed Muskie, also a Democrat. Cutler ran twice as an independent candidate for governor of Maine in the state’s 2010 and 2014 gubernatorial races.

In recent years, Cutler has made donations to several high-profile Democrats, donating multiple times to the presidential campaigns of President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former President Barack Obama, the National File cited.
Cutler’s donations to politicians span from Maine to state Democratic parties in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and Florida.

A late January 2021 article by The Portland Press Herald said Cutler served on the board of directors for Thornburg Investment Management, which is listed as Cutler’s employer for donations to Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020.


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