Afghanistan in Anarchy- 46 Killed in Mosque Bombing

Anarchy in Afghanistan on the rise as forty-Six people are dead due to an Isis suicide bomber. A Shiite mosque was attacked Friday afternoon in northern Afghanistan. Isis claimed responsibility for the attack and identified the bomber as an Uyghur Muslim, protesting the Taliban’s working with China.



China is known for its human rights violations against religious citizens. Stories of Uyghur Muslims being forcibly sterilized and placed into “re-education Camps” have become more frequent of late.

The Taliban has made allies with China in the wake of the American Pull Out. China backs the Terrorist organization, due to the rich mineral resources in the country.

President Biden executed a disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan. The US Government left behind more than $83 billion in equipment. This making the Taliban the 26th most powerful military in the world. President Biden also left hundreds, if not thousands, of American citizens and Allies behind.

Afghanistan in Anarchy is Nothing New

The war between Muslim factions is an old one; warring for thousands of years.

At the end of Muhammad Zahir Shah’s reign, Afghanistan was becoming a modernized nation. Shah’s goal was to bring the country, and its people, into the modern era. Making it a world power that could compete with fellow Arab and European nations.

Religious zealots in the Muslim Brotherhood opposed such a transition. Shah stepped down in the 1970s, becoming the last King of Afghanistan. It began the country’s downward spiral into the Anarchy we see today.

Afghanistan is not known for its prowess on the world’s stage today but instead as a hotbed for Terrorist activity. The Biden Administration, and Mainstream Media, are helping the terrorist state rebrand itself as a Civil Government.

Truth is in the Afghani citizen’s reaction to the pull-out of American troops. Mothers threw their babies into concertina wire fences, hoping for a chance at freedom. Fathers executed their daughters so that the Taliba forces would not be able to forcibly rape them, sending them into a life of human trafficking. In both situation, the parents knew death is a better alternative than life under Taliban rule.

The actions of this government are also telling. They have used helicopters to hang their citizens, and have executed whole families for participating in the Christian faith.

The Taliban has beaten, dismembered, and drug through the streets,  the bodies of those who made a career in helping US troops: leaving many in hiding as they look for ways to escape.

The American Government is working against its citizens. DOD denying flights out of the country, even when the Kabul Airport was still in our control. No, the anarchy in Afghanistan is nothing new, but America now has a hand in the destruction that we leave in our wake.

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